Valiant Symbol
The Valiant Sphere refers to the known world under the the jurisdiction and rule of the Valiant Empire, the greatest dynasty in the history of the world that predates humanities awakening.

The EmpireEdit

The ValantEdit

The Valiant Government also known as the Valant is the governing body of the Valiant Sphere as a whole, they oversee the nations within the Valiant Sphere, keeping them all in line and taking taxes and bodies that are used to upkeep sections of the Empire.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chief of Staff
  • Shadow Cabinet

Military PoliceEdit

Work under the Valant as everyday enforcers across the sphere, keeping the everyday peace within countries and cities under the direct rule of the Valant itself. They are authorized to act within countries without permission from it's leaders.


  • Private
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant

Geography & LocationsEdit

Capital ContinentEdit

3 large countries compose the body of the main continent, with a number of islands and cities that surround it making up kingdoms etc.


The largest county and capital of the empire. Has the famous city known as the Capitol where the headquarters of both the Valiant Empire and the Legion Association are situated.



The Four SeasonsEdit

Summer IsleEdit

A collection of small islands and kingdoms known for its summer climate.

  • Furleese:
  • Yan:

Winter IsleEdit

A collection of small islands and kingdoms known for its winter climate.

  • Tsulowe:

Fall IsleEdit

A collection of small islands and kingdoms known for its autumn climate.

  • Kaldrum:

Spring IsleEdit

  • Zhouxiang:

Other Notable LocationsEdit

  • Yalmara:
  • Maluhia:
  • Yunkoi:
  • Vitesh:

The Legion AssociationEdit

The Legion Association (TLA) shortened to the Association, is the largest body of Desparado's in the known world. They are essentially super soldiers who act the behest of the Valant, undertaking missions both within and out of the sphere. Their operations and mainly revolve around Monster Hunting and combating Outlaws. A member of TLA is known as a Legionnaire. Structure & Ranking:

  • Associate Class
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Major
  • Junior Class
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Colonel
    • Brigadier General
  • Senior Class
    • Major General
    • Lieutenant General
  • Supreme Class
    • General
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