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Solaris Invictus is a 16 year-old student at the Continental Academy in the White Wolf house. He is an awakened Mage and carries on his family's long running tradition of having abilities related to the sun in one way or another. Like his father and several before him, he plans to become a Legionnaire and work in law enforcement.

Backstory Edit

The Invictus household has existed for many years, and while not exactly high ranking nobility, they and their family's work is well known among much of the empire. Solaris comes from a line of Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, and other high-risk social services. Many believe that the Invictus house has some kind of genetic disposition to selflessness and danger. Solaris' particular branch of the family most of all, being of the Dawn branch, the branch of Warriors. Solaris was no exception to this as a child, often getting into fights with bullies, and doing minor things like saving animals from trees. As occasionally happens to members of the Invictus household due to their nature and lifestyles, Solaris' father Daylen was killed in the line of duty shortly before Solaris enrolled in the Continental Academy.

While many would consider it a tragedy, all members of the Invictus household believe that the dead best be remembered fondly rather than mourned over. Almost more shocking than Daylen's death was the mark of the Unconquered Sun choosing his untrained son over several accomplished members of the family.

Personality Edit

Solaris puts on a front of a child from a military family, doing his utmost to handle situations with a calm and businesslike attitude. What will become clear if one spends enough time with him is that Solaris is far more idealistic than he lets on. He is forever optimistic and hopes for the best of all those around him, regardless of any specific disposition they have toward him. While he is confident in his abilities, he does not often let this confidence show outwardly being honest about his capabilities when confronted, but doing his utmost to not present himself as anything more than he is.

Like almost every member of his family, Solaris is selfless to a fault. Should he believe the well being of another person is in danger he will throw himself into that danger without hesitation to save them. Though this selflessness is tempered by his sense of duty. Raised in a family that serves others almost exclusively, Solaris does not question authority. Be it a family member of superior rank, or an authority figure such as a military officer, Solaris will perform acts that he disagrees with morally if he is ordered to do so. His disposition makes him a very effective soldier, always working toward his goals with minimal casualties, but willing to do the unpleasant should the need arise.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dawn Caste Edit

Each member of the Invictus family has a magical seal placed on their body shortly after their awakening. Serving as a catalyst for their powers, the Caste Mark can be placed anywhere on the body, though most choose to display them. Solaris has a Dawn Caste Mark in the center of his forehead. The Caste Mark will mature and increase in potency as the overall power of those marked with it increases. While normally invisible, it shines brighter and brighter the more Solaris uses his magic.

Dawn caste

The mark of the Dawn Caste.

  • Solar Supremacy: One of the main effects of the Dawn Caste is to channel magical power into one's body, making them far superior warriors. Solaris is not only significantly stronger and faster than a normal person, but will pick up on any combat related skill many times more quickly than normal.
  • Invictus Ignis: A common ability of Dawn Castes is to summon the Invictus Ignis, a magical golden flame. While at a glance it is indistinguishable from normal fire aside from it's color, it will only burn that which Solaris chooses. In addition, it may burn things traditionally not able to be burned by normal flames. The flames can be sustained in one of two ways. If actively burning something, whatever it burns becomes fuel. If Solaris wishes to leave the flames on an object or surface without burning it, he can still sustain the flames but it will drain his mana over time.

The Unconquered Sun Edit

The Mark of the Unconquered Sun was created by Daystar, the founder of the Invictus Family, as his last act before his death. Daystar held a great wealth of abilities, as such the Unconquered Sun has great potential. Unlike the modern Caste Marks which are granted, The Unconquered Sun is chosen by the mark itself. The criteria used to choose the new Unconquered Sun are unknown, and no one has been able to discover a clear pattern. Even the abilities granted to the new Unconquered Sun seem to vary depending on the individual. Every Unconquered Sun has been an unquestionable master in their field, wielding power far greater than any other member of their family. This is largely due to the fact that all modern Caste Marks are based on what little understanding Invictus scholars have of the Unconquered Sun. In the case of Solaris, he has been the Unconquered Sun for such a short time, that he can not yet fully utilize it's power. He has already received and used several abilities granted by it, though he is not conscious of them.


The mark of The Unconquered Sun.

  • Command: The Unconquered Sun's will is so vast that it can directly effect the thoughts and actions of others, and even force inanimate objects to do his bidding. This power allows Solaris to infuse magic power into an object, and then give the object a mental command that it will follow. Commands are more effective if Solaris speaks them out loud, as it helps him focus. Any item given a command by Solaris will be animated and follow the command to the best of it's ability. Solaris needs to keep the traits of any item he plans to command in mind in order to get the most use out of this ability. Any object that is already infused with any kind of awakening power is much more difficult to Command, as the inherent power in the item increases the force of will Solaris must exert over the object.
  • Sunforge: Sunforging is an ability used by several members of the Invictus Family. It involves the infusing of their power into an object, supernaturally improving it's quality. This can do anything from simply improving the durability of armor or the sharpness of weapons, but the true power of Sunforging lies in it's ability to change the properties of the item it is used on. Should the Sunforger have a specific task in mind for an item while Sunforging it, the traits of the object will change to better suit that task. Sunforging can be temporary or permanent, with the latter usually requiring weeks of meticulous effort. Sunforging can not be used on living things including plants, with the rare exception of the Sunforger themselves. Solaris is a prodigal Sunforger, already being more skilled than many veterans of the skill. As long as he is touching an object, Solaris can produce short lived effects of Sunforging almost instantly. He uses this to attack or hinder opponents with the environment, or to protect himself from attacks.
  • Adamant Body: Solaris is also one of a rare few who can Sunforge their own bodies. Due to the nature of Sunforging, Solaris is capable of enhancing his body in a general way, but the effects are far more potent if he focuses on one or two attributes. Whenever Solaris Sunforges his own body, his appearance will shift depending on what he changes. Most changes to his body will give his skin a golden metallic shine.
  • Unconquered: One ceases to be the Unconquered Sun only in death, and until their last breath, no person or force can control them. The Unconquered sun is a bastion of unyielding willpower and determination. As a result, the Unconquered Sun is greatly resistant to any force that would impede or slow them. This extends from simple pains and injuries to magical mind control or possession. Solaris is able to fight longer and with worse injuries than the vast majority of people.

Equipment Edit

Coat: Solaris wears a coat with an attached cape in most situations. The coat itself is Sunforged and therefore much more durable than most naturally occurring materials. The true purpose of the item's Sunforging is to tailor it to store a vast amount of items. The pockets of the coat are all linked to a pocket dimension storing any items that have been placed into the pockets, allowing Sol to pull any of them out at a moment's notice. This includes spare coats, which are all linked to the same pocket dimension and serve as replacements should the one Sol is wearing be damaged in some way.

Glasses: Both Solaris' glasses and the case they are stored in are Sunforged. The case is simply made to be as durable as possible. The glasses, which Solaris needs to read small print, are able to correct the vision of anyone who wears them to the theoretical limit of normal human vision. They increase visibility through non solid obstructions like fog, and make it easy to see in any level of light aside from pitch blackness. The glasses, and similar models that have been produced by the Invictus family over the years, are even capable of temporarily restoring sight to the blind as long as they are worn.

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