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  • The Legion Association
  • Aegis
  • Supreme Operator of Aegis (Commander)
  • Senior Legionnaire (Major General)

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Sierra Rojas, otherwise known as the Legion's Scarlet Ace,  is a Senior-Class Legionnaire with the rank of Major General. Despite graduating as part of the Millennium Class in last place, Sierra is a highly distinguished and famous Legionnaire in her own; being ranked the #3 in the Legion, As a member of the Rojas family, Sierra is also well known for being from a bloodline of investigators and detectives; traits that are reflected in her Awakening.

Furthermore, Sierra is well-renowned for founding and captaining the famed Legionnaire squad known as the Aegis; an elite group of Legionnaires who act primarily in the roles of Occupation and Scouting; being considered par excellence to be the Legion's definitive squad for lengthy expeditions into the heart of Purgatory. Sierra is the Supreme Operator of Aegis, serving as the Commander.


  • Determined/Hard Working:
    • Believes dilligence to be the paramount virtue, and expects that from everyone she can impact.
  • Confident:
    • Willing to step up to any challenge provided to her. Will attempt to inspire and cultivate that kind of courage and confidence in others.
  • Tactical:
  • Compassionate: m
  • Stays connected?:
    • To the CA:
    • To her teammates:

History and BackstoryEdit

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Kid SierraEdit

  • Born to the Rojas Family, Sierra was always set on becoming the Commissioner of the Military Police like her grandfather before her. Inheriting the family traits of an inherent propensity for clue-finding, mystery solving, and tracking of missing persons or criminals, Sierra's parents are/were detectives in the Military Police force; adding to a long line of accomplished officers.
  • As a young girl, Sierra effectively grew up at Euborough Academy; her father being an Instructor and highly awarded MP officer in his own right. However, due to the dangers of their job and the classified nature of a variety of information, Sierra was often not allowed to follow her parents on missions.
  • Sierra sneaked out with Military Police subordinates, been tracked by her parents but not before she found MP's doing corrupt shit and used her Awakening on them to save some people for the first time. Her telekinesis obliterated them on first showing, eyes glowing blinding white and white mist trailing out from them; and knocked out other people to protect em.
  • Attempted to join the MP but been too strong so got sent to CA so she could control and access her powers properly. Ended up wanting to be a Legionnaire, went in Alexavier Dustan's class. Struggled through since instead of training up her telekinesis she had to train it down.

Junior SierraEdit

  • In addition, Sierra is the great-niece of Fabian Rojas, a high-profile criminal said to have dealings with Mystic and shady figures outside of the Valiant Sphere. Sierra is known to be the indivdual who hunted him down and apprehended him herself early in her career.
  • Meditated with some people, I dont know monks or some shit; and trained and mastered her powers. Her Rojas bloodline had manifested in her Awakening as Insight and allowed her to track people down and stuff.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sierra from birth was "gifted" with a near-unprecedented talent for accessing and manipulating the energy of the mind in psionic energy. However, due to the sheer intensity and magnitude of her power, for quite some time overuse of this ability didn't just drain her, but physically injured her to the point that it previously had the chance to kill her. During her time at the academy, this was perhaps her greatest challenge, as while her body would get stronger it was always at a slower rate than her psionic abilities would evolve; and to complicate manners Sierra would subconsciously tap into her psionic abilities as easily as breathing, resulting in at times spontaneous and subconscious self-inflicted injuries.

For example, Sierra as a first-year Student Legionnaire could move objects of incredible weight outside of the range of what one would consider within the scope of what should be possible at her proficiency with her awakening. On the other hand, Sierra would struggle severely to move a much smaller object that any Psychic could move without simply immediately shattering it and injuring herself in the process of attempting to contain her abilities.

Physical ProwessEdit

Through the use of her Programming, Sierra is constantly engulfed in a shroud of her overly abundant and intense psionic energy; which she can seemingly completely extinguish all traces off making it seemingly imperceptible in any real expedition. Through this, Sierra has demonstrated a passive physical condition that is for all intents and purposes Monster level; with every physical attribute similarly enhanced to that level. In addition, Sierra also demonstrates a high level of regenerative capabilities; though not to the same extent as her contemporary in Dio.

Psionic Energy ManipulationEdit

As one of the Legion Association's most outstanding Awakened Psychic graduates to ever pass through the Continental Academy; to simply say that Sierra is a talented Psychic would be a tremendous understatement. Even as a Student Legionnaire, Sierra naturally possessed an affinity for psionic energies that was largely unprecedented, and for the future years mostly unrivalled; with her very talent being exactly the same as the reason she graduated in the final position of the Millennium Class.

In the past, when attempting to utilize this much energy without the prerequisite control over it that would be needed to handle it, Sierra's own abilities if overused threatened to flay her apart, with extended uses of her abilities often accompanied by bleeding, nausea, acute fatigue, and vomiting. However, when actually capable of tapping into her abilities, even as a student, Sierra's capabilities were vast when given a focused task to achieve; usually failing in precise operations due to the sheer nature of her particular brand of energy.

  • Insight: The manifestation of a Psychic's natural ability to sense and detect psionic energy in Sierra's hands, Sierra's passive sensory detection is uniquely potent due to her "gifts." Sierra has demonstrated the ability not only to detect psionic energy in living creatures but detect the remnants and traces of subconscious psionic imprinting; a process through which she can seemingly use to see a glimpse of what she refers to as the "memories" of an object; which may be a misnomer as for the most part instead she sees the feelings others would have had when interacting with the object. In addition, Sierra's Insight is known to have a considerable range; as she can seemingly track down a particular psionic signature over vast distances if she so chooses.
Through this, Sierra is one of the greatest trackers the Legion has ever had, as with nought but something that belongs to the particular individual Sierra can seemingly be led to a cascading series of clues which enables her to triangulate the location of persons of interest, artefacts, and explore areas she has never been to herself. While abilities that conceal one's presence can stall the efficacy of her Insight, Sierra has stated that even it takes her some time her Insight always points the right direction. This ability lets her see through illusionary effects, and detect psychic interference extremely quickly. Due to the scope of Insight, Sierra can seemingly use it to predict and dodge incoming attacks with ease and get a grasp on abilities she has never seen before intuitively.
  • Almighty Level Telekinetic: Sierra has ridiculous levels of talent in telekinesis; seemingly demonstrating the ability to mimic the manipulation of particular items and substances if need be through sheer power of matter over mind. She can augment the effects of Graviton with her telekinetic abilities. She can create psionic explosions; and compress the air to such an extentShe can also demonstrate this telekinetic prowess over an extreme range; deflect attacks and the movements of others. She can create telekinetic pressure and walls without tapping into Graviton of great strength. She can also reinforce objects and others with telekinesis; augmenting their durability and aiding in her ability to protect them from harm. She can flatten large areas with waves of telekinetic force and yeah Josh was right describing telekinesis sucks ass. I imagine if Monster telekinesis can lift big weight, Almighty Telekinesis can move vastly big weight.
  • Telepathy: Sierra has demonstrated considerable skill in telepathy; but I cba to write this. Dunno the extent but her telekinesis fuck off high so I'd prob prefer not to make it tooo strong; but still pretty darn capable innit.


Graviton is an exceptionally powerful ability that enables Sierra to create and manipulate what her previous teacher referred to as psychic singularities; regions of space so utterly compressed by her telekinesis that it distorts the space around it in a manner that perfectly parallels and is quite similar to the effects of the fundamental force of gravity. The only reason this ability exists is due to the sheer intensity of Sierra's psionic energy, naturally compressing things unless she controls it to not do so; being the reason behind her struggling to lift small objects during her younger days.

While typically emotions are not meant to be placed into these kinds of Psychic abilities as they run the risk of making them devastating and uncontrollable, Sierra's psionic energy has always been very receptive to her emotions. Through meditation; Sierra has achieved the ability to call upon specific emotions at will, and thus can freely alternate between her two main types of singularities. Sierra can alter the magnitude and direction of these singularities at will, as well as shape them as she desires for a variety of unique purposes. At maximum intensity, Sierra can mimic the effects of the phenomena known as black holes and white holes. 

  • Dark Milk: Sierra has demonstrated a wide variety of abilities: impeding the movement of her opponents, appear to have the ability to slice through anything by creating singularities of shifting intensity, the ability to walk on walls by altering the direction of her singularities' pushes and pulls, and accelerate her towards her targets at vast rates, increasing the force behind every blow or blast. She has demonstrated the ability to utilize shifting singularities to impose destabilization in all but the most intense exertions of power; weakening if not forcing the phenomenon to flicker out of place. She has demonstrated the ability to seemingly create a field which reinforces the Earth's gravitational field over a specific area; forcing the ground to crack and cave in and slamming down on her opponents with immense force, capable of crushing lesser opponents against the ground altogether; and can do the same for objects in the environment, seemingly turning them into pseudo-gravitational sinkholes. 
    • Overclock: At maximum intensity, Sierra's abilities seemingly allow her to block and absorb incoming attacks; appearing to suck up and delete incoming matter and energy as if plunging them into an inescapable void. Offensively; her attacks without shifting demonstrate the ability to crush and rip whatever area comes into contact with as if attempting to crush the region of space her opponent occupies and tear them from this world and into her void. Less powerful opponents are more unfortunate, as their body stretches painfully before being absorbed by the field.
  • Jet White: Sierra can create gravitational force fields by generating a field of repulsion in every direction at once simultaneously powerful enough to shatter projectiles and break weapons and limbs alike against it, stop incoming attacks in their tracks and forcefully accelerate her opponents in a particular direction, demonstrate high-speed flight and reinforce the force behind every attack with immense repulsive power. When formed into solid constructs, Sierra can contain the effects of Jet White until it makes contact with something, where acceleration in the opposite direction is rapidly imposed onto it with explosive force creating ripples and shockwaves around the point of impact. She can utilize Jet White to seemingly augment her physical capabilities in a manner not dissimilar from tactile telekinesis. She has demonstrated the ability to seemingly create a field which reduces the Earth's gravitational field over a specific area; causing things to float into the air helplessly and loosening the ground itself, being able to do so to such an extent that the direction may appear to reverse.
    • Overclock: At maximum intensity, Sierra has demonstrated the ability to produce at maximum intensity extremely potent streams of high-energy plasma of immense temperature as well as similarly vast concussive force comparable to being bombarded by an onslaught of highly dense matter. She can also shroud herself in this, or create weapons out of this.


  • Certified Civil Engineer through Military Police Courses; uses it to build fortifications or repair damaged structures with her telekinesis. Also uses it to build those training courses.
  • Gifted Deductive Reasoning.
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