Rey Jimenez
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Biological Information

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Professional Status

Valiant Sphere




The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Junior Legionnaire (Colonel)
  • Instructor Legionnaire

White Wolf





Personal Status


Valencia, Rey Jimenez is a Junior class Legionnaire with the rank of Colonel. She is the famous daughter of the Legionnaire hero Bright Fang, Anders Benson. She is also an Instructor Legionnaire for Class Jimenez of the White Wolves.

She graduated as the Millennium Class' number 3 during her academy days.


Operating as a mercenary for Sentry made Rey jaded, the loss of her mother and some of her sisters at the hands of the Insurgency even more so. She is a stark contrast to Dusty's laid back demenour

History & Backstory

Early Years

Family History

  • Mother's Side - Jimenez
    • Jimenez were early settlers in Instinct who earned good faith with the ascended nobles through their co-operation in battle, earning them a lessened status of nobility.
    • Loyalty and co-operation to Instinct runs deep in their blood and is an important tradition
    • They come from a particular region within the Summer Isles.
  • Father's Side - Benson
    • A not particularly important or famous family, only known because of Anders Benson a hero within Instinct.


  • One of the 7 daughters of Anders Benson
  • Her mother part of a noble family in Instinct
  • As tradition with the children of Anders Benson, Rey dropped all her titles and lived with her father
  • She had a close rivalry with her 6 other sisters, being one of the middle children
  • Accompanied her father in his travels and battles, earning valuable experience and training

Student Legionnaire

  • Became a Student Legionnaire at 13, within Class Benson of House White Wolf under the tutelage of her father
  • Won a bet on behalf of her father against his rival Jorah Dustan which saw her defeat Dusty in battle. They became betrothed after this.
  • Eventually came to graduate as the academies number 3 as part of the Millennium Class.


  • Upon graduating, Rey became a sanctioned mercenary for the organization Sentry. She had forsaken her right to practice as a Legionnaire and instead took jobs all over the world for the ruling-class.
  • This earned her the alias Valencia.
  • Witnessed corruption first-hand at the Slaver's Rock incident which turned her to abandoning Sentry and becoming an Instructor Legionnaire

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Physical Prowess

Rey displays a passive Monster Level physical prowess, displaying a Monster strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, stamina etc. in all manner of combat.

Psionic Energy Manipulation

Rey is an adept user of Psionic energy, not to go too far into it because telekinesis is an ass to explain but she has been shown to have a versatile range of telekinesis, creating telekinetic structures, using telekinesis through telepathy (enforcing her telekinesis on things she can perceive within her telepathy) as well as an astute control over matter with her mind.

She is also a monster in her use of telepathy, her Psionic waves are masked and hidden so well to the point where even Champion level people struggle to perceive them. She can play mind tricks on people, hijack their thought trains and lead them somewhere else. She can create an overwhelming telepathic pressure within the mind of others and cause them to faint.




Inception is a form of dream conjuring that Rey is famous for. It allows to mentally drag the people she telepathic connects with into her own makeshift reality; the set-up for this technique however is difficult due to the nature of the established psychic connection therefore it is easier to use on lower level individuals or people who have been worn down enough to not be able to defend against it.

Double Barreled Sawn-off

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