Nora MacKenzie
Biological Information

FemaleIcon.png Female




September 17th

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Professional Status

Valiant Sphere


Kaldrum Isle


The Valent
Continental Academy


Student Legionnaire


Black Sheep





Personal Status



Arthur MacKenzie (Grandfather)
Astrid MacKenzie (Grandmother)
Brennan MacKenzie (Father)
Cathleen MacKenzie (Mother)
Rory MacKenzie (Younger Brother)

Nora MacKenzie is a 15 year-old girl, and an Awakened Psychic. Nora comes from humble beginnings, growing up in the rural countryside of Kaldrum Isle, but has dreamed of becoming a Legionnaire of the Valiant Empire since she was a child. Nora is currently enrolled in the Continental Academy, under the Black Sheep house.


  • Tomboy 
  • Jovial
  • Determined
  • Confident 
  • Straight-forward and blunt to the point of rudeness 
  • Likes cool heroic things
  • Likes animals


  • Born the first child to a pair of farmers in the countryside of Kaldrum Isle, neither of which were Awakened.
  • However, her grandfather is a retired Legionnaire and she was raised on his stories. 
  • Inspired by his tales of heroism, young Nora decides that she will one day join the Legion as well. 
  • Trains from a young age with her grandfather when not helping her parents with farm work.
  • Parents support her dreams and save up as much money as they can to send her off to take the entrance exam for the Continental Academy. 
  • Her grandfather passes his sword on to her before she leaves.
  • Nora manages to pass the exam, and is placed into the Black Sheep house.


As a Psychic, Nora is able to manipulate her own Psionic Energy, also known as PSI. 

  • Physical Amp - Nora is able to use her manipulation of PSI to amplify her physical levels to the Enhanced tier.
  • Telepathy - Nora is capable of basic telepathy, though her range is fairly small and she can only communicate to the willing.

Psycho Boost 

This technique allows Nora to use telekinetic shockwaves to propel herself with incredible speed and power, creating an audible booming sound when used. Through the use of this technique Nora is able to display strength and speed far beyond her normal level in very brief bursts, though if she isn't careful she can very easily injure herself with her own shockwaves. Additionally, Nora can utilize this technique to rapidly change directions even when in mid-air.


Sky Strider 

Sky Strider is a  bastard sword that has been passed down to Nora from her grandfather, who was honored with the sword as a reward after saving the life of his commander in battle. Sky Strider is special in that the very psyche of the original creator of the sword has been bonded to it, empowering the sword with the strength of their Psionic energy, making it practically unbreakable, as well as making it a perfect conduit for PSI.

Psychic Bond - Nora and Sky Strider have developed a strong Psychic bond, and Nora is able to manipulate the Psionic Energy dwelling within Sky Strider as if it was her own. This allows Nora to manipulate Sky Strider telekinetically with ease, letting her wield the sword without even needing to touch it. Sky Strider will occasionally even move to defend Nora without her even knowing she is in danger.

PSI Amp - Sky Strider is able to greatly amplify the power of Nora's PSI through their bond and sword's own energy. This means that Nora is able to exert far more psionic power through Sky Strider than she would be able to otherwise, allowing Nora to demonstrate incredibly devastating attacks.

  • Sky Splitter - A powerful psionically enhanced overhand slash, boasting enormous cutting capability. 
  • Diamond Duster - Nora surrounds Sky Strider in a thick psionic aura, and smashes the sword into her enemy to inflict tremendous blunt concussive damage.
  • Cloud Cutter - Nora swings Sky Strider and releases a powerful, amplified wave of telekinetic force in the form of a large crescent-shaped blade of air.
  • Bunker Buster - After embedding Sky Strider into her target, Nora charges it with an incredible amount of psionic energy, before releasing it as a powerful psionic shockwave from within the target itself.
  • Head Hunter - Nora charges Sky Strider with an overwhelming amount of psionic energy, before hurling it at her target from long distance. Sky Strider then pursues the target like a heat-seeking missile, releasing the energy as a massive explosive shockwave upon reaching them.
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