Kyauta Orisa
Kyauta Orisa
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May 3rd

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150 lbs

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Valiant Sphere


The Valant
Continental Academy


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Britus Orisa (Father)
Aishatu Orisa (Mother)
Alheri Orisa (Older Sister)

Kyauta Orisa, also simply known as Kyauta, is a young student member in the Continental Academy. He hails from a family of skilled and prominent Mages, and is the latest member of his family to be enrolled in the Academy. Kyauta aspires to be more like his older sister Alheri, and wishes to become a full-fledged member of the Legion like her. 

Kyauta's Theme




Kyauta Orisa2

Kyauta's headphones and stereo.

As a Mage, Kyauta has the ability to generate and manipulate magical energy for various purposes. Kyauta has the basic ability to use magical energy for physically enhancing his body in general, but he can take it further with his own special ability. In his family, everyone who Awakens always has a sound-based magical ability that they can use. Kyauta's magical ability enables him to connect with music on a deeper level, and project the feelings it gives off in the form of an invisible magical force to others. This ability of his is known simply as Vibe


Vibe, formally known as Symphony Master is a unique ability that enables Kyauta to resonate with and "vibe" with music on a much deeper level than an ordinary human being. He can physically connect with whatever music he is hearing, and as a result he is changed by it in different ways. For example, if Kyauta is listening to empowering and uplifting music he will become physically stronger and more durable. If he is listening to upbeat or uptempo music he will become physically faster and more agile. If he is listening to relaxing or soothing music, then his body will be rejuvenated and heal faster. Basically, depending on what he is listening to it will have different effects on his body. However, in order for this to work Kyauta must be constantly listening to the music at the time. This is why he always keeps headphones and a mini-stereo on him at all times. 

Furthermore, if Kyauta turns off his headphones and projects the music through the stereo so that others can hear it. He can amplify their abilities as well depending on what type of music is playing. But, the more people whose abilities he amplifies the faster he is drained of all of his mana: so he can only amplify a select few people at a given time.


Currently, Kyauta is only capable of enhancing one's basic statistics. Such as physical strength, durability, speed, agility, and their body's natural healing processess. In order to do this, he must utilize different types of music. As a result, Kyauta currently commonly plays three different tracks at a time to suit the given situation. One for physical strength and durability, another for speed and agility, and one more for healing. Collectively, each track is referred to as a "boost" but each one has its own unique name. 

Strength Boost
Speed Boost
Healing Boost
  • Challenge - Challenge is the personal name given to the strength boost track from Kyauta, it represents a rising feeling of urgency and the need to act. Kyauta feels that it gives off a feeling of needing to "rise to the challenge" as if many people are expecting something of you. He personally visualizes it as if he's in a weight lifting contest, with the crowd cheering him on to continue to lift the weights above his head. Due to this, when Kyauta plays this track he becomes stronger physically and harder to injure. His body as a whole becomes tougher, although his physical appearance does not change. He can impart this effect onto others by playing the music through his stereo, allowing him to empower others as well.
  • Chase - Chase is the personal name given to the speed boost track from Kyauta, it represents the feeling of needing to run away from something. Whether it be from trouble you yourself caused, or that someone else caused, the main feeling is to simply flee. He personally visualizes it as getting in trouble with a group of thugs, and needing to run away from them as they pursue him. Due to this, when Kyauta plays this track he becomes physically faster and more agile. He can run and dodge faster than before, and is capable of easily performing great feats of agility such as leaping greater than before. He can impart this effect onto others by playing the music through his stereo, allowing him to empower them as well.
  • Chill - Chill is the personal name given to the healing boost track from Kyauta, it represents the feeling of wanting to relax. Kyauta personally visualizes it as himself and a group of friends chilling and listening to soothing music together. As a result, when Kyauta plays this track his body will begin healing itself of injuries. However, the injuries it can heal itself of are relatively minor ones. He cannot repair any serious damage done to organs or regrow limbs. He can simply restor energy if he is fatigued, and mend bruises, cuts, or sprains. If he plays this through his stereo, he can impart this effect on others enabling them to recover as well. 


Headphones, Stereo, & Sonosword


  • Kyauta's first name means "gift" in the Hausa language, whilst his surname Orisa is a group of mythological supernatural Yoruba deities. 
  • Kyauta's theme's real name is "Never Catch Me" by Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar, a song that can be interpreted as being about finding optimism within death. This goes along with Kyauta's relatively optimistic personality, as he usually always looks on the bright side of situations. 
  • Kyauta's first track is known as "The Million Way of Drum" and second is known as "Sneak Chamber", both of them are from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack: a soundtrack that the late artist Nujabes had involvement and had produced many tracks for. 
  • Kyauta's third and final track is known as "Beyond the Stage (Instrumental)", and is made by the artist Substanial feauturing Uyama Hiroto, a friend of Nujabes. 
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