Kyauta Orisa
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MaleIcon.png Male




May 3rd, Year 999

Physical Characteristics



140 lbs

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Professional Status



The Valiant Empire
The Legion Association


Student Legionnaire


White Wolf


Class Jimenez



Personal Status



Bitrus Orisa (Father)
Aishatu Orisa (Mother)
Alheri Orisa (Twin Sister)

Kyauta Orisa, more commonly known as Ky, is a Student Legionnaire in the Legion's Continental Academy. He hails from an family of adept Mages known as the Orisas, who reside in the country of Mystic: and is accompanied by his twin sister Alheri Orisa.


The main reason I wanted to become a Legionnaire was because I wanted to help people. So now that I am one, I'm not gonna mess this up.


  • Cool, calm, and collected in most ordinary situations; save for when he's around girls he likes, in which case he becomes a cringe-worthy dweeb.
  • Relatively optimistic; although not to the point it becomes idealistic.
  • Determined, focused, and serious about accomplishing his life goals.
  • Kind, caring, and compassionate to others in general; unless they're a noble elitist who thinks they're better than others, in which case he has no chill.
  • Likes to spend time listening to other people's music and making his own due to his musical upbringing.


  • Kyauta Orisa was born May 3rd, Year 999 alongside his twin sister Alheri Orisa in the country of Mystic. 
  • Kyauta lived a fairly normal and middle-class life alongside his family and friends. 
  • Kyauta's family was a family of musicians, martial artists, and Mages so he was raised in all of these arts. 
  • Eventually, Kyauta was enrolled in the Legion's continental academy in order to become a successful Mage. 


As an Awakened Mage. Kyauta was born with the ability to use magical energy known as mana for various purposes. He hails from the Orisa family, and all of them are Mages who use musical and sound-based magical abilities. 

Mana Prowess

Due to being born with the Mage Awakening, Kyauta was born with the ability to use mana. He was born with average mana reserves, which is partially offset by his slightly above average mana control: enabling him to last longer in combat than usual. As an Orisa, Kyauta's basic physical stat boost manifests itself in the form of a unique magical power known as Amp It Up: which boosts him to enhanced levels. When an Orisa activates and channels mana through their magic circuits, their body automatically creates and emits a unique sound of a specific musical instrument that is ingrained within their subconscious.

So since Kyauta is a pianist, the sound of a piano playing in a lively manner is heard as he amps himself up for combat. However, as their powers evolve so does the sound to the point that other instruments come into play with the initial instrument still taking the forefront. Additionally, as they refine their control over their mana they become able to control the volume of the music that they give off. As a result, the Orisa family jokingly refers to their individual music as their own personal "battle theme song".


Vibin' is an unique magical ability exclusive to Kyauta that enables him to "vibe" or resonate with music on a much deeper level than an ordinary human being. Ever since he was a little boy, Kyauta has noticed that whenever he deeply immerses himself into the music that he's listening to he had the tendency to subconsciously amplify the physical state of himself and others around him. As he got older and practiced using this power and learned how it worked thanks to his father's guidance, he realized that at first he generated a green field of acoustic energy around himself that was so transparent that it was hardly visible. But as his powers grew so did its coloration, as well as his ability to manipulate the size, shape, and power of the musical field that he created.

What can or can't be amplified is dependent on Kyauta's power to imagine and visualize the inner workings and machinations of what he's amplifying at the moment. As a result, how much something can be amplified is directly tied to Kyauta's knowledge and understanding of what he is amplifying. But virtually anything can be amplified if it is within Vibin's area-of-effect. However, depending on what and how many things Kyauta is amplifying at the moment, it could consume a small or rather large portion of his mana at any given time. Due to this, Kyauta has to be conservative when using Vibin', and only uses it for brief moments when it matters the most in a given situation. Usually, Kyauta uses Vibin' to amplify his own and the physical stats of others since he has a basic understanding of the human body due to being a proficient martial artist. Nonetheless, he can use its power to amplify the special attacks of his allies as well so long as their attacks are used through the field of course. Uniquely, VIbin' also produces its own music that is the same as Kyauta's own Amp It Up musical theme.



As a member of the Orisa family, Kyauta has been trained in the martial art known as capoeira since the age of 4. Capoeira is a martial art that emphasizes self-defence, acrobatics, dance and music in various forms. The art focuses on speed, agility, and misdirection moreso than any other element of combat as a whole. Kyauta is skilled enough in the art to be considered a professional user of it, earning him the title capoeirista.


As a member of the Orisa family, Kyauta has been trained as a musician since the age of 4: specifically as a pianist. His skill as a pianist is better than of most his age due to starting so young, and his ability to come up with, memorize, and play so many songs factors directly into his combat effectiveness in the end due to how his Vibin' works. Aside from that, his general musical knowledge on other instruments and music as a whole also assists him. 


  • Kyauta's first name means "gift" in the Hausa language, which is both a language and name of an ethnic group of people from Nigeria. His surname Orisa refers to a group of mythological deities in the Yoruba culture and language: another ethnic group from Nigeria. Coincidentally, there is an Overwatch hero with the same name: who also happens to be one of Wikian's favorite tank characters in the game. Orisa is also an AI from the fictional country of Numbani: a West African nation located close to Nigeria in Overwatch's lore.
  • Kyauta's appearance is based on that of the character Ekko from League of Legends. More specifically, it is based on Ekko's True Damage design, which is a virtual music group featuring characters from the game. Among the various members of the group is the character Senna, who his sister Alheri's appearance is based on.
  • Kyauta's Amp It Up is inspired by the ability of the same name Amp It Up of the character Lucio, one of Wikian's favorite Overwatch support heroes who utilizes sound and music-based powers. Coincidentally, Lucio is also a practitioner of capoeira, like that of Kyauta himself. His Vibin' power is also inspired by Lucio's Crossfade ability in the game as well.
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