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Kendrick Beaumont is a 15 year-old Awakened Sage curently enrolled at the Continental Academy under the banner of House Black Sheep. Hailing from the prosperous Kingdom of Yalmara, he is the son of a renown knight.



  • Extremely cheerful and full of energy in every day life.
  • Actually dead inside, and grieves in private every day.
  • Even in combat has a sunny disposition despite in actuality being extremely calculated.
  • Fights as a warrior with the intent of helping others, directly spiting his father by whom believes true warriors should worry for themselves and the king they fight for.
  • Motto: "Do what will make you happy in the end".



Kendrick grew up 3rd oldest child among his 6 half-siblings. The son of a renown Knight of Yalmara, he was viewed with extremely great expectation. Same as his other 4 brothers, his father pushed him into becoming a warrior from as young as 4, keeping him from the outside world, all he knew growing up was the courtyard. Despite his father's ambitions, Kendrick had inherited his mother's "weak" disposition as his father put it. Kendrick's father tried to imprint onto his mind, to make him fight for the glory or honor of battle. Failing, he deemed his son as weak. Although he had been trained from the age of 4 to be a cold-blooded killer, his personality held him back. His mother hailed from a poor but peaceful village, and was sold into marriage to his father before she was 16. One of his father's 4 wives, she was mistreated and ridiculed by his father and his wives for openly protesting his treatment of his children. Despite this, she was always filled with joy around Kendrick, and always tried to bring Joy to his life. She always told him, that no matter what, he should do what makes him happy.

Although she continued to protest his ways, and was always punished for it, she always made sure to let her son know that she'd always have his back. Life continued until Kendrick was 10, still completely ignorant to the world outside his courtyard walls, his mother was pushed to the brink. She'd lash out at his father, being slain by the abusive husband in the process. Pass this incident off as a suicide, Kendrick's father would tell him that his mom hadn't truly loved him, and had left him in the world alone. With the intent of pushing Kendrick to become the cold warrior he'd always desired. With his natural talent, he would've made the ultimate soldier with the right mentality. The plan nearly worked before Kendrick was approached and told the truth by one of his father's serfs. He was told that his mother had met her demise by the sword of his own father, and passed on her dying words to Kendrick. They read: "No matter where you think life may take you, always do what will make you happy". Broken, Kendrick would initially vow from ever fighting again.

Beaten ruthlessly as he protested his father's demands, Kendrick was relentless. He no longer wanted to fight. He remained this way until he finally took a trip outside of his courtyard walls. When he and his siblings were taken out on a trip by his father, they'd witness the execution of a band of merchants. His father had brought them there to show them the horrors of the world, and it worked. Kendrick felt invigorated, he'd heard his mother's words over and over in his head. "Do what will make you happy". His father had constantly put an idea in his head through his life, "Someone weak enough to need saving will never do anything except get in your way. A true warrior worries about himself, and the King he is sworn to protect". He decided, that what he wanted most in life, was to be what he viewed as a true warrior, he wanted to be a warrior that others could rely on. The ideal warrior he saw was a hero, his hero was his mom. She always brought cheer to him no matter what situation had followed, she was a symbol by which he could always depend on to make things okay. He'd decided that he'd want to be that symbol.

Kendrick vowed from that point on to become a warrior, but not the kind of warrior that his father had seen fit. Regardless of how he felt, he wanted nothing more but to bring cheer to others in need. If he was going to be a warrior, he'd do so in a way that would spite his father. Vowing to never hold a sword in the name of violence again, he'd planned to make his name as a warrior with his body alone. Training rigorously to grow his strength and hone his skills, Kendrick easily soared past his siblings. Routinely outperforming them with a smile on his face, he always made sure to pass along the words of his mother. Kendrick was enrolled into the Continental Academy at Age 15, with the goal to not become a Legionnaire, but rather to become a warrior in his own way, to spite his father with his own strength while spreading the ideals of his mother.

Powers, Abilities and SkillsEdit

An Awakened Sage, Kendrick was born with the innate ability to manipulate his own Life Energy for various purposes. This includes using said energy to amplify his physical capabilities for combative usage. 

Physical ProwessEdit

Kendrick has trained his body and endured an abundance of physical hardships from the age of 4. From repeatedly swinging swords, to pulling carriages around a courtyard, Kendrick along with his other siblings have honed their bodies alongside their skill over the course of their life. On account of the great stress his father's training put on his body every day for almost his entire life, his body has adapted and grown fairly strong. With physical strength and endurance surpassing those of the common-folk, Kendrick with his strength alone is easily a match for any man. Overall, Kendrick's body has developed to be not only strong, but durable, able to take much damage over the course of battle and continue onward. Also on account of training, Kendrick has an extraordinary lung capacity. He is capable of not only taking in more Oxygen than an average human, but also functioning for much longer without breathing as well.


An odd phenomenon, Kendrick was born with a unique mutation by which manifested in the form of a supernatural ability. Possibly a following link in Human evolution, Kendrick's mutation manifested in the form of the ability to manipulate the Density of his own body for as long as he holds his breath. Although it is possibly for precise usage of the ability, Kendrick still has a long time before he can properly manage to do so accurately. Currently, Kendrick can manipulate the density of his entire body, or he can precisely manipulate the density of his arms as a single entity. When changing the density of his body, the effects can take several seconds to occur as the Life Energy takes longer to spread and course through his body. Kendrick can make his body, or arms several times more or less dense and heavier than usual, though the speed by which the density changes is reliant on how dense he chooses for it to be. He also can convert from minimal density, to maximum density but in doing so greatly decreases the length by which he can hold his breath and also causes great stress on his body. Kendrick's ability functions by finely compacting or loosening the particles by which his physical form is composed of. Overall, the ability is functional for defensive as well as offensive purposes, but can pose as a double-edged sword as its usage requires him to hold his breath, and in turn drains his stamina at an accelerated speed. Not to mention when he is in his "superdense form" his speed is reduced by his weight, and when in his "superlight form" his striking strength is equally as reduced.

Life Energy ManipulationEdit

Through the focusing of the Life Energy within his body, Kendrick can manipulate it as a Latent Power which takes the form of a light green aura. He can control the energy via exerted it from his body for a multitude of usages. These include amplifying his attack strength and defensive capabilities through the use of an aura, and even forming projectiles from raw energy.

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