Keiron Payne
Keiron Payne

Black Wing

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The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Junior Legionnaire (Colonel)
  • Instructor Legionnaire

Black Sheep





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Dusty (sworn brother)

Keiron Payne better known as Black Wing within the Valiant Sphere is a beloved Junior Legionnaire within the Valiant Sphere. He currently possesses the rank of Colonel and is a key member in Anders Benson's Blitz. Keiron is also an Instructor Legionnaire at the Continental Academy, teaching senior class Payne as a part of house black sheep.

Keiron is the #8 ranked Legionnaire and also a graduate of the CA, a member of the millennium class who graduated at the rank of #2.


Keiron is a kind soul plagued by a dark past, he has abandonment issues and can often feel insecure in what he's doing. He truly doesn't understand his power and as a result is often babied by Anders, Dusty and Rey. He truly looks out for those he cares about and would stop at nothing to see them safe.

History and BackstoryEdit

Keiron is from the Payne family, a group of archaeologists who served the Valiant who were slaughtered by Sentry in order to preserve the secrets of the world. Keiron was left as the last survivor and was placed within the Legion in order to keep an eye on him and in case they would need the knowledge of the Payne family in the future.

He became a student of the Continental Academy and grew close to Alexavier, Anders, Rey and Dusty. Graduating at number #2, he was widely sought after but also feared because of his family history. Keiron stuck with Anders post graduation and quickly rose the ranks of the Legion and a staple within Anders' Legionnaire team.

He was later approached by Alexavier's older brother and new House Chancellor of Black Sheep, Jorah Dustan, to be an instructor at the academy. Keiron was later targeted by the Havok Company for his Amulet, an attack that saw a portion of his powers stolen by Kang-Dae Bin.

Powers, Abilities and EquipmentEdit

  • Monster Level
  • Psionic Energy Manipulation:
    • Almighty Telepath

The AmuletEdit

The Amulet that Keiron wears is the sacred treasure of the Payne clan, described as one of four "keys" to something much greater by the Chief of Havok. As a result it is widely sought after. The Amulet is described by Keiron as the origin of Psionic Awakening, on it's own it cannot do much it takes a Payne to be able to decipher its secrets and use it effectively. Keiron's use of the amulet is intrinsically linked to his Black Wing, it effectively acts as Psionic Energy battery that can be referred to as a natural phenomenon.

Black WingEdit

Black Wing is the materialization of Keiron's psionic prowess, the majority of his abilities are conducted through black wing. Keiron's feathers are capable of allowing for mass telepathic communication, granting physical buffs through the principle of Rise, powerful illusion casting and thought reading among other things. He can also use his feathers like Hawks, but it is easy for him to produce more.

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