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Hume Invictus (Brother In-Law)

Kazuma Invictus is an elder member of the Invictus Family and the current Celestial Twilight. He is a powerful mage and currently serves as the Grand Caster in the Legion team Aegis.

Backstory Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Compendium Edit

The power Kazuma's bloodline is most known for, they are able to store memories inside of inanimate objects, most commonly jewelry, and pass those objects on to their descendants. While usually their own, they are capable of forming magical bonds with others to allow them to store their memories as well. This process over many generations has given Kazuma a vast wealth of historical, practical, and most importantly magical knowledge. Usually, the wealth of knowledge contained in the inherited objects is so vast that one can only access them while touching the objects. However, Kazuma's Twilight Caste mark allows him to circumvent the need to carry around or wear objects or clothing imbued with the memories, as he is able to store them directly in his caste mark. This also gives Kazuma a perfect memory, being able to store any event he witnesses in his caste mark where it will not alter or degrade like memories stored in the mind.

Celestial Twilight Edit

Kazuma is one of the oldest and most experienced Twilight Castes alive today. This coupled with his ability to use the memories of the previous Celestial Twilight have made him the perfect candidate for the role.

  • Mental Index: Kazuma's caste mark allows him to sort through his vast wealth of memory extremely quickly, and generally speeds up his thought speed and reaction times.
  • Sunforging: Kazuma has seen the memories of some of the greatest sunforgers to ever live, and as such he possesses a night unrivalled skill with the ability. He is one of the few able to Sunforge quickly, and if given time, he is able to create artifacts capable of achieving legendary status. It was Kazuma himself who forged the various artifacts that were held by the late Daylen Invictus.

Magical Library Edit

As a result of Kazuma's compendium, he has knowledge of spells and magical techniques dating back hundreds of years. This knowledge includes spells ranging from the simple to the catastrophic, and his status as an Invictus has greatly increased the levity in which Kazuma will use certain spells, as he is able to prevent collateral damage caused by any spell he casts. Kazuma's magic is split between two main branches with three circles of magic ascending in potency. Typically most spells would require incantations of various length to use, however Kazuma makes use of magical runes, both woven into his clothing and kept on pages of massive magical tomes that he carries with him, allowing him to instantly cast almost any spell. Should Kazuma ever be without his runes, he has trained to incant so quickly that observers can't even make out the words he speaks.

  • Sorcery: Kazuma has knowledge of three circles of sorcery. From weakest to strongest they are known as the Emerald, Sapphire, and Adamant circles. The spells contained within the various circles are massively varied in effect and potency, and each circle contains dozens to hundreds of spells. These effects can include simple things such as Infallible Messenger, which creates a small magical messenger that will seek out the recipient of the message. The effects of the Adamant Circle can be wide reaching and devastating, with one example being the spell known as Total Annihilation, which can devastate entire battlefields.
  • Necromancy: Kept in Kazuma's memory storages mostly for preservation of history, these powers stem from generations of Kazuma's family that dipped into dark arts. While many of the effects are harmless or even useful, such as the ability to communicate with or banish hostile spirits, Kazuma has personally sworn not to use any spell that involve himself raising the dead. While not as large, Kazuma still carries runes and tomes for the Iron, Onyx, and Void circles of Necromancy.

Equipment Edit

  • Robes: Kazuma's robes are Sunforged by himself, and allow his magical energy to flow through his body far more effectively, increasing the overall efficiency of his abilities. His robes are sport runes that can be used to instantly cast many of Kazuma's favorite spells.
  • Spellbooks: If Kazuma does not have space on his robe for a rune involving a particular spell, then he will make room for it in one of his many spellbooks. The spellbooks themselves are sunforged such that no one other than Kazuma can see the knowledge placed inside of them. Should someone bypass this protection, the books will spontaneously combust should anyone other than Kazuma try to use their magic to power the books' runes.
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