Katelyn Blaus
Katelyn Blaus
Biological Information

FemaleIcon Female



Physical Characteristics


Professional Status

Valiant Sphere


Fall Isle


The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Student Legionnaire

Golden Tiger


Class Valiant



Personal Status


Katelyn Blaus is a young girl from the Fall Isle, a small collection of islands near the Ember Gate. She is currently enrolled as a Student Legionnaire within the famed Continental Academy, a part of the prestigious Class Valiant of the Golden Tiger.


Katelyn is a very honest and trusting person, she has a knack for being able to easily befriend people being the type to get along with everyone. As a result she is quite gullible which is only further highlighted by the fact she is also not very smart.

History & BackstoryEdit

Katelyn was raised as an only child to a strict father who drilled the idea of being a Legionnaire into her from a young age, Katelyn was always opposed to the fact but eventually for unknown reasons she was scouted by a Junior-class Legionnaire and forced to take the entrance exam, going onto excel in the second and final stage earning her a place in Class Valiant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Katelyn possesses an above natural strength but what is truly remarkable is her superhuman stamina. She is absolutely relentless in her pressure and her never say die.

Astral Energy ManipulationEdit

Katelyn is a prodigy in spiritual energy manipulation as a Shaman, using what's referred to as Astral Energy. By shutting down her body, Katelyn can operate on the Astral plane as a soul capable of interacting with her surrounding reality through astral manipulation. With this she has displayed the ability to create diminishing clones of herself and manipulate Astral Energy as concussive force.


An ability that Katelyn uses while lucid, she can use her Astral Energy manipulation while conscious to create and shape ethereal mech-like armour of spiritual energy that provide a variety of abilities.

  • ArchARMOUR: Michael: A pale white glowing armour coated in spiritual energy that boosts her physical stats and allows her to manipulate the use of implosions and explosions, casting them out with the use of a holy railgun-lance.
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