Katelyn Blaus
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Biological Information

FemaleIcon.png Female



Physical Characteristics


Professional Status

Valiant Sphere


Fall Isle


The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Student Legionnaire

Golden Tiger


Class Valiant



Personal Status


Katelyn Blaus is a young girl from the Fall Isle, a small collection of islands near the Ember Gate. She is currently enrolled as a Student Legionnaire within the famed Continental Academy, a part of the prestigious Class Valiant of the Golden Tiger.


Katelyn is a very honest and trusting person, she has a knack for being able to easily befriend people being the type to get along with everyone. As a result she is quite gullible which is only further highlighted by the fact she is also not very smart.

History & Backstory

Katelyn was raised as an only child to a strict father who drilled the idea of being a Legionnaire into her from a young age, Katelyn was always opposed to the fact but eventually for unknown reasons she was scouted by a Junior-class Legionnaire and forced to take the entrance exam, going onto excel in the second and final stage earning her a place in Class Valiant.

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Physical Prowess

Spiritual Energy Manipulation

Katelyn is the reincarnated form of a creature an ancient mythical creature known as Deoxys, a creature formed from a supernatural virus that interacted with the Root of All Things. The Deoxys was feared by humans and subsequently killed, later manifesting in the form of Katelyn Blaus.

As a result of this, Katelyn possesses an otherworldly capacity to utilize spiritual energy, under proper guidance and teaching she picks up techniques and powers incredibly quickly.

Astral Walking

A key ability utilized by Katelyn is the ability to manifest her spirit outside her body in the form of spiritual energy and maintain the ability to interact with the outside environment while her physical body becomes prone. In her astral form is when her connection with Deoxys is it's strongest and as a result she is more capable when astral walking.

  • Astral Guard: Astral Guard is the technique taught to Katelyn by "Prince", it is the ability to change the shape of her astral form into that of Deoxys, and then interact with her prone body in an over-soul like fashion that manifests itself like a spiritual armour.
    • Normal Forme: The Normal Forme of Deoxys see's Katelyn's astral form experience boosts across the board in terms of stats.
      • Trap
      • Zen Headbutt
      • Recover
      • Psycho Boost
    • Defense Forme: The Defense Forme of Deoxys sacrifices Attack and Speed in favor of defense.
      • Iron Defense:
      • Psycho Shift:
      • Counter:
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