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Jun Xiulan is a 15 year-old Awakened Shaman and student of Continental Academy, residing in the Black Sheep house. Being the only Awakened in quite some time from a small village in Zhouxiang, the support from the town wishing to give him the chance to explore his potential set him down on the path to becoming a Legionnaire, wanting to prove himself as the best and do his hometown proud. 


As a result of the unequivocal support and belief from his fellow townsfolk that he would use his powers as an Awakened to become successful and famous, Jun grew up to be quite the arrogant and confident individual. Believing himself to be able to handle anything that comes his way, he'll never turn down a challenge and loves fighting with others to prove his strength to be greater than theirs. However, due to this behavior being fostered by such a positive force as the hopes and optimism of so many other people, he grew to never be too actively malicious with his boasting, often opting to tease and rile up others for his amusement or to encourage them to fight with him. 


Born in Nanwei, a small farming village in the backwoods of Zhouxiang, Jun was the first Awakened to come from the village in many years, which raised much excitement among the townspeople. Although Jun was indifferent towards his apparent special status as a young boy, his feelings on the matter changed upon meeting his future teacher, being an old Lucario that had been the partner of a martial arts master that once taught at the town dojo, having been abandoned for decades as priorities amongst the town shifted towards a focus on farming to better sustain themselves. Jun took to calling this Lucario Gao, after the half-faded sign across the top of the entrance of its old dojo. Taking on Jun as its first new student in ages, Gao taught him many different ways to fight, sparking a fire in Jun that gave him a taste for improving his skills and wanting to test those skills against others. After spending the remainder of its life training Jun, the strong bond they formed along with its own desire to see Jun reach his goal caused a strange reaction upon its death, melding Gao's spirit to Jun's by means of his spiritual perception. Not wanting him to waste his talents and giving him a chance to bring fame and respect to the undistinguished village, the villagers later all pooled their money together to send him to take the entrance exam at Continental Academy, where he could get the education and experience he needed to achieve greatness. 


Jun, as a Shaman, has the ability to manipulate his Spiritual Energy for various purposes, such as enhancing his physical abilities and being able to communicate with spirits. 

Physical Enhancement: By channeling his spiritual energy into his body, Jun can empower his physical attributes to superhuman levels, as well as course it into objects to make them stronger. 

Spiritual Perception: Through his ability to sense spirits, Jun is able to percieve others that are within his range at a higher level, increasing his awareness and assisting greatly at helping him dodge oncoming threats in battle. 

Harmonic Spirit

Through the bond between their spirits, Gao's soul resides inside of Jun in a peculiar way. By calling upon the power of Gao that lies dormant within him, Jun gains the powers of a Lucario, giving him the ability to manipulate Aura for various purposes, as well as use a Lucario's techniques, such as Bone Rush, Force Palm, and Bullet Punch, among others. Jun refers to this process as Harmonic Resonance, as he sees it as the two of them working in sync to reinforce their combined strength.

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