Jaxon Alvarez
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Valiant Sphere




The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Student Legionnaire

Red Dragon


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Jaxon Alvarez is a young man from the Kingdom of Mystic and the sole-survivor of the last generation of the Alvarez Orphanage, an infamous orphanage known for kidnapping awakened children and breeding them to be the strongest they possibly can be. He was scouted to enter the Continental Academy's entrance exam.

He is currently enrolled as a Student Legionnaire as a part of Class Reigns of House Red Dragon.



Jaxon is a difficult character to befriend, he mainly operates within his own sphere and can come across as an asshole. Jaxon above all else is merciless, he has no problem killing due to his upbringing and this can cause conflict between him and those around him. Surprisingly however, he is one to seek compromise, unnecessary conflict between him and his teammates is not ideal to him.

History & Backstory

Jaxon was kidnapped at a young age, made to kill his parents as a ritual of casting aside all his feelings in order to join the Alvarez Orphanage. He was brutally trained from his childhood, receiving no love or compassion in his childhood. Eventually the time for him to ascend from the orphanage came in a tradition where he'd fight to death with the other orphans from his generation. Jaxon fulfilled his task quickly and efficiently, he eventually went on to kill his captors and then was found by the Legionnaire Association.

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Physical Prowess

Jaxon is capable of flawlessly channeling spiritual energy to subsidize his physical attributes, showing an enhanced level of strength in most fields but an acute superhuman capability of speed.

Spiritual Energy Manipulation

Jaxon has tremendous control of his spiritual energy, being able to rechannel and apply it as an immense spiritual pressure, with this spiritual pressure he has been shown to mimic telekinesis.

Spiritual Spells

  • Demon Bind: Jaxon can bind his opponents with immense spiritual pressure, rendering them unable to move.
  • Demon Aura: Manipulating his spiritual energy around him, Jaxon becomes enveloped in a blazing red aura that greatly augment him physically. His blows and movement become incredibly devastating.
    • Demon Step: A technique that grants him unparalleled maneuverability and speed.
    • Demon Face: A technique that transforms Jaxon's physical into a demonic beast that trumps all displays of physical feats demonstrated by him previously. When Demon Face is in use he demonstrates the abilities to utilize immensely hot crimson flames.

Demon Nero

There is a part of Jaxon's soul linked to a powerful demonic entity known as Nero; a demon hailed as a great monster from Purgatory. Jaxon is able to manifest his corrupted soul as a red spear, capable of utilizing a powerful red spiritual energy.

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