Felicia Artania

Fe, Nia

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FemaleIcon Female




April 24

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111lbs. (50kg)

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Valiant Sphere




The Valent Continental Academy


Student Legionnaire



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She refuses to tell

Felicia Artania is a 14 year old gal who is an Awakened Shaman. Felicia was born in Mystic, but otherwise her true origins are unknown. She's extremely tightlipped about her family and kingdom, and is suspected that her family name is a fake name she gave herself to further conceal that past. She enrolled herself in the Continental Academy seeking to prove herself and supposedly to someone else as well.




Felicia is very open and energetic and loves to tease others about their appearance while sneakily offering to do them up in make up. She loves to do her makeup and nails, spending well over an hour on her appearance to ensure everything compliments. However, she's extremely insecure about her eyes. Their narrow, paint brush shape can make her seem more cold than she actually is, and their red colour doesn't help either. As such she gets very upset when someone believes she's maliciously insulting them, and will clam up for a while as a result.

On top of being very expressive, Felicia is rather rebellious and a delinquent, with major issues with authority and teamwork. Her upbringing found it difficult to trust anyones perspective but her own, so she prefers to act alone and at her own behest. She'll get extremely defensive about her plans and whenever her observations are questioned, and doesn't get close to anyone out of fear they'll question her every step of the way. Despite this, she really longs for friendships and general affection so she's generally very friendly.

She likes to hum or sing to herself when nervous or in a genuinely good mood, and will sneakily try to coax anyone nearby to join in with her.


Felicia likes to wear a wide variety of colourful street fashion, though when she joins the exams she's seen wearing a very baggy T-shirt that hangs off her shoulders and says "Vibin'" across the chest. It's not a male t-shirt, just a shirt stylized to be very baggy, almost like a dress. Underneath she wears a red tank top with thin shoulder straps, and dark blue cut off denim shorts whose pockets hang out out from the legs. She also wears striped thigh highs and bulky shoes that could almost be consider boots.

Her fingernails are painted light blue with a glossy finish and some faux gems with a charm bracelet and a braided bracelet on her right wrist. She wears some eyeliner and face powder to make her expressions seem softer. She wears diamond earrings on each ear as well as a pair of glasses that have no top rim, and whose frames are a maroon colour, matching Felicia's hair. Her hair is permed and brushed, though the curl is very much natural as this is just what she does to make it presentable.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Weighty Soul Presence: Felicia possesses a weight to her presence that can intimidate weaker individuals and break them into a cold sweat. The kind of weight this pressure holds is also dependent on her emotional state, and as a result it can not only hurt people but also be beneficial to them. This can range from a feeling of being stabbed and killed to help driving up morale among allies. More advanced levels of Soul Presence can produce more extreme effects, such as erasing solid objects or carving through people like a blade. 

Soul Detection: Felicia can detect and sense nearby souls with ease, and can pick up on stronger individuals from an exceptional distance. This allows her to be accutely aware of her surroundings and the intentions of the people around her. However, soul detection influences the emotional state of Felicia due to it being an inherently empathetic ability. She can feel the doubt, fear, and strength of will in a person's soul, and when in combat she can feel their deeper emotions, such as loneliness, love, determination, and desire. This can affect her ability to fight effectively as she can't bring herself to hurt people already in pain.

Advanced Perception: Thanks to the training Felicia recieved in her homeland, she can accutely percieve telegraphs in an opponent's moves and techniques and try to act accordingly based on predictive technique. This makes her effective at thinking on the fly and reading the intentions of the opponent if they're hiding the presence of their soul. However, such advanced perception can lead to tunnel vision if she fails to account for outside elements.

Dragon Glaive: Felicia trained in the way of the dragon for her glaive technique, giving her movements a precise fluidity and bite akin to that of a dragon. This makes her movements extremely efficient and elevates her agility and speed well beyond that of a typical person.

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