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Evelyn Jouvere is a 15-year old Awakened Sage who was present for and lived through The Rot, a mysterious incident that befell her home realm of Vitesh seven years ago, leaving it a barren wasteland dotted by the ruins of a once prosperous agricultural Kingdom.

Having grown up a Viteshan commoner, Evelyn, with her newfound abilities wishes to get to the bottom of the incident, and restore the entirety of her homeland to the deep, verdant state it was renowned for. To that end, and to the end of having the power to preserve such a pristine state, Evelyn is currently enrolled in the Continental Academy, under the Black Sheep House.


Ever since the day of the Rot, Evelyn has been committed to her personal quest of reversing the Rot that plagued her Kingdom, studying and specializing in biology to help extend the range and utility of her powers, due to them being primarily limited by both her own imagination and knowledge of the way plants and living creatures work. This has significantly affected both her personality and disposition, as the intelligent young girl is typically quite observant and curious. Contrary to popular belief, while Evelyn can be quiet, it may not be correct to label her a quiet or stoic person, often surprising people that get to know her with banter or "playful" insults.

However, Evelyn possesess unwavering determination in her quest, and as a result any new idea for a plant structure or new plant entirely is jotted down almost religiously and without thought, at times going entire days repeating the details of the organism being studied in order to be able to jot it down later. Where strange biology of creatures might repulse others, Evelyn instead is often excited, almost giddily, to the same degree one would expect from someone meeting their idol or a celebrity because it means she can learn more from them.

On matters of life and death, Evelyn possesses an uncomfortable level of maturity for an adolescent due to having witnessed the devastation that befell Vitesh with her own eyes.



The Kingdom of Vitesh was well known for its forests, its woodlands, its beautiful savannahs and its uniquely gifted soil, which allowed the Kingdom to prosper on the back of pure ecological tourism and a globally competitive agricultural economic sector. Having worked to come up from poverty upon bringing in their eldest child and daughter into the world, the Jouveres made a name for themselves due to their sheer unrelenting dilligence and intuitive aptitude on both the paternal and maternal side. By the time Evelyn was six, they had already changed their life around, owning a sizable plot of land and instilling in their daughter the value of perseverance. 

At that time, Evelyn would grow attached to the flora and fauna of Vitesh, losing herself in the green for hours at a time across a small creek not too far from her parents' farm. The singing of the birds, the swaying of the trees in the wind, the little squirrels hopping and darting about; Evelyn was so enamoured with it all that when her baby brother was born she would ask for permission take him on ventures along with her as long as she didn't stray far, showing him her favourite tree, the weirdest tree, the fattest squirrel, the coolest leaf.

At the age of seven, the elderly King of Vitesh passed away, a time of mourning for all that knew him, and for the Kingdom in total. However, during that period, his eldest son took the throne, a cruel and wicked successor to such a peaceful and honourable man. Rumour spread like wildfire that the son had assassinated his father to lay claim to the throne before it could be passed onto the King's second son, which Dario the Cruel wished to quickly extinguish. Taxes were put in place that were ridiculous, backed by a bribed nobility and Senate. Vitesh, a Kingdom once considered to be an idyllic paradise, gradually gained criminal activity as people grew desperate, stealing to survive at the expense of the livelihood of others.

In this quiet, people began to rebel and protest against the monarch. Cries of "Unfit King!" and "Spoiled Brat!" resounded throughout the community. Evelyn's father would deliver gift baskets and convoys of food grown on the farms to people, always having had a kind heart, and her mother would do her best to help people pay the taxes they couldn't shelf, remebering their own beginnings of poverty and the help and recognition they got when they struggled. Before one knew it, the Jouveres were considered the face of the resistance movement against Dario, the people having clung to them as communal heroes simply for being generous.

In February of the Year of the Rot, the King's castle went silent. No communications were heard from the castle, and no messages got inside the castle. Until, on the 20th of March, the King decreed that martial law would be instituted to keep the "peace". Due to the timing, many believe that it was Dario, who made a deal with a wicked Awakened Mage and caused the Rot. But if that was the case, why was he killed?

The RotEdit

To this day, even seven years from now, Evelyn being 15, rumours still abound. Was it the cruel King, infuriated by the insolence of his subjects, who brought the wrath of a jealous god down upon their Kingdom, wreaking havoc and hoping to shatter the ideals of the rebels? Then why did the Rot seem to bring down the castle first? Why would Dario sign up to die? Was he avoiding some cruel fate? Perhaps it was the deeds of the rebels, wishing to bring down the monarchy and plunge the kingdom into anarchy so that someone worthy could pick back up the mantle of leadership over Vitesh. Then why would they cause so many to suffer, so many to die? Was it a mistake? The work of an awakened Viteshan? Or maybe, it was the work of an external force. But Vitesh was peaceful, and had no enemies known to the general populace. Was it the foolish King? Did he set someone far too powerful off? Who knows, and who may ever know? Maybe that was the intention.

That day, that 20th of March was tense, as people were forced to retreat into their homes in fear of bringing down the ire of the Kingdom and it's military. Man, woman and child worried for their lives, though the threat of today paled in comparison to the sheer extent of the threat tomorrow would bring. Having been made the face of a resistance they originally had nothing to do with, the Jouveres, Evelyne, her parents, and her at the time two-year-old younger brother were all in danger, something her parents tried to conceal. Despite this, Evelyne understood very well the circumstances. They were now living with what was effectively a perpetual knife pinned up to the back of the throat, as if on borrowed time. Despite this, her father was still determined to take care of the farm, putting the children to bed and walking out to go inside the sheltered farm compound. 

That night Evelyn had dreams, nightmares, visions.People were dying. No, plants were dying. She could hear them, hear the water flow up their stems slowly seep and drain out, feel the trees recoiling from, whatever it was was doing this. She hated this nightmare, she wanted it to stop.

And stop it did, as she was woken to a sudden frantic grab out of the bed she laid on, cradled in her father's arms. And beside him, her mother, carrying her brother, blissfully unaware of the circumstances and perfectly asleep. As her eyes opened to take in more of the world, Evelyn saw that her nightmare had become reality. Panic gripped the entirety of the Kingdom, and despite this, there appeared to be no soldiers helping the civilians, occupied with something else. Or perhaps, all lost? Evelyn had no time to ponder on such matters, as she saw the trees distort, wither away, and sink into the soil below, branches jutting through buildings and undoing foundations, buildings collapsing, and further, pebbles, from a stone structure far away, visibly falling like rain near the noble capital of Vitesh.despite their distance from it, as if launched. She, as well as everyone in Vitesh, could recognize the symbol and the intricate marking on the pebbles. They came from the castle. 

In one night, Evelyn's world view was changed. Seeking to ease the load for her father Evelyn began to run herself, awake enough to understand having to, heading to a nearby clearing with the intent to get out of the Kingdom, atleast, until this disaster was through. Running together, Evelyn's mother and father ushered her along to run ahead of them, hoping to guarantee the safety of their child atleast. They would have stopped to give Evelyn her brother if the time to do so wouldn't have put the entire family in more danger. Evelyn made it to the clearing, turning back to see her parents make it through. As she turned, she looked above as debris hung a fair distance above them. If that hit, her parents would be lost.

But what could she do about it? There was nothing around to stop it, no guards to protect them. Her body, acting on it's own grabbed a twig that fell off a desiccated tree as she ran towards her parents, holding it over their head, as if having the opposite of survival instincts: naievety. Fortunately, Evelyn felt something leave her body and go into the twig, as it shifted it's form, morphing itself into a larger version of the shield of a Viteshan elite, supported by strong springy stems that absorbed the shock of the impact and deflected the actual debris, sending it flying safely in another direction. Too focused on her family's survival to process her newfound abilities, Evelyn beckoned her family away, surviving what would come to be known by many names in the Valiant Sphere as the The Rot, The Withering, or The Viteshan Collapse.

In the coming days, aid finally arrived in the form of Legionnaires of the Valiant Sphere, who cleared debris loiking for anyone who might be stuck and trapped under rubble. The Viteshan Collapse was unprecedented, both in the scale of the disaster and the number of casualties relative to the population, a measly 10% of the Viteshan population that were currently in Vitesh itself managing to survive. The announcement made that the King had been killed within that twisted night fell on deaf ears, as most of the survivors mourned more so for the people close to them that they lost than the King a majority of people believed had it coming. In time, the people of Vitesh moved to the other Kingdoms in the Valiant Sphere. As for the Jouveres, they moved to the country of Valour, where Evelyn decided that she wished to become a Legionnaire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Evelyn, as a Sage, has the power to manipulate and influence life-based energies, demonstrating the ability to detect and read life signatures, as well as connect to and commune with other living creatures through this energy. However, perhaps primarily, Evelyn is the bearer of a unique ability derivative of her Sage-type classification known as Eden.


Eden is a unique, exceptionally versatile ability, appearing to grant the user the ability to create plants with supernatural or mystical abilities even with regards to the multitude of abilities given by abilities or appear to grant Evelyn herself capabilities she would not naturally possess. With the use of her abilities, Evelyn has demonstrated the unique ability to seemingly generate and subsequently manipulate plant-based stem cells with the unique capability of being capable of becoming any form of plant life imaginable as she wills it.

Due to the unique nature of her powers, Evelyn is not limited by producing naturally occurring plant life however in any sense, as her powers are quite literally limited only by her imagination and her botanical and biological knowledge. As her power is over the stem cells she produces above her ability to manipulate what they manifest into, Evelyn has complete control over the plants she generates, as well as the way the stem cells differentiate. This allows her to seemingly create entirely new forms of plants, plant-based structures or lifeforms as long as she can imagine it, and think of a potential botanical mechanism for the unique nature of the plant she wishes to create.

As powerful as the ability is, it requires exceptionally potent imaginative prowess as well as either a potent intuition or deep knowledge of plant-based biology to achieve its true potential beyond being merely another plant-based ability. In addition, it cannot naturally affect other plants that are not generated from her stem cells, though the current user has managed to supersede this limitation by virtue of her own ingenuity. As a result, Evelyn is a long way off from her ability's true potential. Her Quirk is also to an extent limited in the sheer number of stem cells she can produce at a time as it becomes taxing on her stamina, however, she can replenish this number over time with rest or a break in between. To this end, she often utilizes a single construct more than once, often reshaping it for new usages rather than completely creating new ones.

To make the process of plant creation easier, Evelyn has categorized plants and structures according to what they might be useful for. Scouters refer for plants that mimic extrasensory perception and aid in the detection of movement, sensory stimuli, heat, electrical fields, and any other form of presence she might be looking for. Warriors refer to plants with direct combative applications that can be used to great effectiveness, including improving her own physical prowess. Critters refer to entirely new forms of life that mimic animalistic behaviour generated from her plant stem cells. Operatives refer to plants that can be good if used for infiltration, reconnaissance and invasion. Chemists refer to plants that synthesize and use useful and potent chemical compounds.

  • Perimeter: Perimeter revolves around mimicking and extending extrasensory and supernatural sensory perception. Plants are extremely receptive to various chemicals in the environment, others are receptive to sound, they are already pre-programmed to have a sensitivity to light, they sway in the wind, among other things. As a result, some plants have the capacity to hear, smell, see or even feel, objects in their surrounding environment and react accordingly, which Evelyn can interpret and read with her powers.
    • Internal: By living symbiotically with miniature plant growths on her body generated from her natural ability to generate plant-based stem cells, Evelyn has demonstrated the ability to seemingly feel the slightest change in air currents around her, seemingly detect the faintest of scents over incredible distances as well as acutely recognize her targets, listen in on the environment around her and to a very limited extent target the conversations of humans and other sentient creatures such that they detect and process the frequencies of the typical human speaking bandwidth. However, she cannot yet differentiate between or determine specific voices, and as a result the information she receives is more of a jumbled string of text than a dialogue.
    • External: By leaving "droppings", multitudes of stem cells that follow her as she walks, Evelyn can seemingly create areas under which she has a sensory barrier across every form of sensory perception excluding taste with the same limitations as her internal perimeter. Through this, Evie has a constant sensory hold on the area, allowing her to seemingly spy on and detect individuals and their happenings for as long as her plants are not destroyed. These plants also possessed mimicked photoreceptors, enabling her to take pictures of things which she can interpret with her power.
  • Tyrant: Tyrant refers to a cluster of stem cells embedded in her clothing and around her body that create layers of scale-like reinforced wooden patterns, and underlying water containing stem-like structures that serve as muscular reinforcement within the newly-crafted armour, letting her move around freely despite it's weight and thus augmenting her physicals as well as her durability. In addition, it serves as a hotbed for the production of other plants that can be attached directly to her body through Tyrant.  By producing an accumulation of miniature plant bulbs that react to extremely minute electric fields generated by plants that sprout around the mouthpiece of Tyrant, she can generate a stream of combustible explosive "seedling" pellets that react to air, thus creating a mimicked breath attack of sorts. This phenomenon can be used for jet propulsion but to move at any significant speed for extended periods of time such as in combat requires a significant diversion of resources that she has not gotten around as of this moment, locking off the possibility of any useful flight. However in short bursts it is possible.
    • Tyrant: Swarm: Evelyn has demonstrated the ability to create tough, durable vines of varying thickness that she can extend from her body at will, or create from any invaded surface. These vines have the ability to constrict and entangle objects and persons she desires, slam into opponents with incredible force and cut through objects and people with "serrated" edges. Evelyn has also managed to use these vines to swing from tall objects, much like the webs of fictional spider-people. By generating these from her clothing or around her body she can also stick to walls and climb up surfaces like spider-people.
  • Invasive: Invasive refers to Evelyn's ability to seemingly hijack the structure of other plant matter by creating the equivalent of a plant-focused virus that enters, if need be reawakens and takes dominance over a given plant-based structure or plant itself, enabling her to seemingly take and manipulatng pre-existing plant matter and transform it as she pleases on contact. This ability extends to most forms of plant matter, including aquatic plant life. However, the limitation here is that she requires physical intentional contact with said matter, and cannot (yet o.o) apply this virus to other plants she has not invaded. As such, it is typically far easier to simply use the newly acquired plant as a new surface to grow structures from.

Notable EquipmentEdit

  • Tons of Sealed Journals: Evelyn carries on her person logs of hundreds of different plant species she has encountered while apprenticing as a botanist in the time between moving to Valour and applying to the Academy as well as unique or potentially useful traits of animal species and how she thinks they accomplish them. To that end, Evelyn's body is criss-crossed with seals and "lock-array" type seals powered by her abiliites as a Sage that enable her to carry them weightlessly on her person at any time and retrieve them at will.


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