Eustass Valiant
Eustass Valiant

St. Eustass

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The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Senior Legionnaire (Major General)
  • Instructor Legionnaire

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Valiant Empire

Saint Eustass Valiant of the Valiant Empire is a world famous Senior Legionnaire with the rank of Major General. He is also an instructor at the Continental Academy, having taught the sought after Class Valiant since he graduated from the Academy himself.

He graduated as the Millennium Class' number 1 during his academy days. He is also the top ranked Legionnaire within the Legion.


Despite all his fame and riches, Eustass is a very charitable and humble man. He does not like to boast his strength or status he is often spoken about as a very approachable person. Eustass carries a friendly and somewhat awkward demeanor about him, Dusty remarks that Eustass can sometimes be too pushy; not knowing people's boundaries. He is a very good teacher.

History & BackstoryEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Eustass is a God walking the face of the Earth, the blood of the Valiant is incredibly strong within him; he displays a level of power that are likened to the First Awakened. In all manner of physical attribute he is Almighty, a feat rarely seen among even Legionnaires with even those at the very top barely being able to scratch the surface of almighty. In combat Eustass is almost like a cheat, bringing him onto an expedition or case is a guaranteed success.

Magical Energy ManipulationEdit

Eustass' raw magic power is the antithesis of death, it is so full of light and life that when he trickles it out things around him begin to mend and heal. His magic is said to have the origin of Divinity, it works well against the monsters of Purgatory who in his eyes are "unholy", it also works well abilities that come from a place of darkness (like necromancy).

Heavenly Body ArtsEdit

The Heavenly Body Arts are physical buffs that come as a result of Eustass enveloping his body in magic, with this he can become a divine being in nature, a holy destroyer of all that is negative in his eyes. His physical attributes sky rocket as a result. In this state Eustass also passively absorbs magic.

Thy Kingdom ComeEdit

Thy Kingdom Come is a powerful magic that sees Eustass open an array of magic circles that fire out high impact destructive beams of light. The sheer number of gates he can open and consistently fire out of make Eustass a walking nuke.


Divine ChainsEdit

Eustass can summon divine magical chains that can seal away not only entities but power itself, those who become entangled are unable to use their abilities and feel their strength taken away from them.

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