Eustass Valiant
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St. Eustass

Biological Information

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Professional Status

Valiant Sphere




The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Senior Legionnaire (Major General)
  • Instructor Legionnaire

Golden Tiger





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Valiant Empire

Saint Eustass Valiant of the Valiant Empire is a world famous Senior Legionnaire with the rank of Major General. He is the current Commander in Chief of the Legion's S-One sector. Also doubling as the Continental Academy's House Chancellor for the House Golden Tiger as well as being the Instructor Legionnaire for his own class Valiant.

He graduated as the Millennium Class' number 1 during his academy days. He is also the top ranked Legionnaire within the Legion.


Despite all his fame and riches, Eustass is a very charitable and humble man. He does not like to boast his strength or status he is often spoken about as a very approachable person. Eustass carries a friendly and somewhat awkward demeanor about him, Dusty remarks that Eustass can sometimes be too pushy; not knowing people's boundaries. He is a very good teacher.

History & Backstory

Familial History

Eustass Valiant comes from the H- line of the Valiant, meaning he is a direct descendant from it's founder Hod. He is the second oldest son of the current H-Valiant branch, Brandon Valiant. The H-Valiant are the proginetor's of the Legion, as such they

Early Life

Saint Eustass Valiant

Powers, Abilities & Equipment

Aether Magic Core

Eustass although being completely human is a unique individual across all known Magic Users across the world. Eustass not only possesses a Magic Core which is completely unheard of for an awakened human mage, but he possesses the Aether Core. While traditional Magic Cores follow the evolution of Black -> Red -> Orange -> Yellow -> Silver -> White, Eustass possesses a core that exists above the White Stage. The Aether Core is the magic core stage of divinity and ascendancy. It is the core possessed by the ancestors of the High Elves, Elder Dragons and the magic core possessed by the ancestor of magical awakening itself and the first emperor of the Valiant, Hod Valiant.

The unique property of the Aether core is that it allows Eustass to flawlessly rechannel mana through it, and have it become Aether. Aether itself is a force of nature not too dissimilar to mana, the best way to describe it would be that Mana is the "diluted" form of Aether.

  • Magic Origin


Conjurers are those who emit mana to the outside world allowing them to bend their surroundings to their will, possessing unfathomable powers. Conjurers have a weakness in that they must supplement their own magic core with mana from the outside world, to exert mana into their surroundings in the form of spells. A conjurer's talent is measured by the power of their mana veins. This measures their speed and effectiveness to absorb mana from the outside world into their own mana core. Eustass is one of the most powerful conjurers in the world. His ability as a conjurer is only heightened by his ability to re-channel mana as Aether.

  • Aether Light Manipulation:


Augmenters are users who enhance their bodies using mana, allowing them to possess incredible strength, defense, and agility. However, their weakness lies in their limited range. An augmenter's talent is measured by the strength of the mana channels in their body. This measures their speed and efficiency to relocate their mana from their mana core into various parts of their bodies. Eustass is one of the most powerful augmenters in the world. His ability as an augmenter is only heightened by his ability to re-channel mana as Aether.

  • High Elven Blessing


  • Eyes of Hod
  • Divine Chains

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