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Dark Talon

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Professional Status

The Legion Association
Continental Academy

  • Junior Legionnaire (Brigadier General)
  • Instructor Legionnaire

Black Sheep





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Keiron Payne (sworn brother)

Mr. Dustan also known as Dark Talon Dusty is an awakened Sage and Junior-class Legionnaire, operating as a Brigadier General for the Legion Association. He is the Instructor for Class Dustan as part of the Continental Academy's House Black Sheep.

He graduated as part of the Millennium Class with the rank of 4.

History & Backstory

  • Basically nothing is known about his early years

Academy Years

  • At some point in his early teenage years before he was known as Dusty, he was picked up by Alexavier Dustan better known as Dusty, a Junior class Legionnaire and younger brother to now House Chancellor of the Black Sheep Jorah Dustan.
  • At age 15, he became a Student Legionnaire as part of the Alexavier's Class Dusten within House Black Sheep
  • House Black Sheep had only two students, him and Keiron Payne
  • He and Keiron became known as the brothers Dark Talon Dusty & Black Wing Keiron
  • He graduated as the Academy's number 5, while Keiron graduated as number 2
  • Their graduating class is known as the strongest in the Academy's history and would be dubbed The Millennium Class
  • After Alexavier passed away, Dusty retired from the Legion, disappearing for 5 years before Jorah Dustan convinced him to come back
  • Nothing is known about that 5 year gap
  • He came back sporting the name Dusty and regaining the alias he had in the academy of Dark Talon

Instructor Legionnaire

  • Dusty became an instructor Legionnaire at the age of 24
  • His first class of students was his most successful one, his teaching methods were weird and his way of teaching was frowned upon
  • From the original 6 that joined him, only 1 person made it past the first 3 weeks, Charles du Fluer V
  • Dusty mentored Charles (Charlie) closely and Charlie ended up graduating as the academies number 1 at the age of 17.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Prowess

Dusty displays a passive Monster Level physical prowess, displaying a Monster strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, stamina etc. in all manner of combat.

Aura Manipulation

Dusty is extremely proficient at manipulating his aura, he has demonstrated the ability to shape and re-channel it in many facets, such as strengthening parts of his body and using it to amplify the potency and area of effect of his attacks.

Dusty also demonstrates the ability to use aura transmutation to give his Aura the property of the nature, wind.

Dark Talon

Dark Talon is vintage Dusty, the ability to shape his aura around himself or object, using aura transmutation to grant it properties of hardness and sharpness. It visualizes itself as a black aura formed into the shape of a talon. Using the ability, Dusty is able to cut gaps in the air creating fierce vacuums that shred along the desired path and powerful gusts of wind that blow away the surrounding area with every cut.

Predator Instinct

Predator Instinct is Dusty's internal channeling of his Aura that grants him monster precognition and the ability to impose his presence onto other's frightening them or causing them to freeze in place. It is said that those who experience this see "the face of a demonic bird with the face of death".

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Staraptor

The Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Staraptor is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to transform into a Staraptor hybrid and a full Staraptor at will. It formerly belonged to Alexavier Dusten before his early demise. Dusty is thought to have hunted down the fruit during his 5 year absence, a fitting addition to his alias Dark Talon.

Dusty demonstrates the ability to not only perform a hybrid transformation but also a partial shift in many capacities, he has shown the ability to turn his arms into large wings as well as transforming his feet and hands into Talon like limbs. When using the fruit in any capacity, the carnivorous nature of the Staraptor grants him immense physical strength, dwarfing superhuman feats at certain points, the talons he can makes can easily damage steel as well as many other reinforced materials without the additional cutting prowess of some of his other techniques. When transformed in his hybrid form the speeds at which he fly at are said to create cracks in the air and cause extreme bursts of wind that blow away his surrounding area during the duration of his flight, it essentially acts as a protective aura.

The fruit also boosts his Close Combat fighting prowess as well as his Agility.

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