Damien Priest
Damien Priest
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Damien Priest is the last living member of the Horned Tribe of the Valiant Sphere whose tribe was hunted as part of the great cleansing that took place within the Valiant Empire.

He was saved from slavery by The Legion Association's Cowboy Shit, Alicia Jimenez and at present is a Student Legionnaire in her class at the Continental Academy as part of the White Wolves.


Damien does not play well with others. He has always seen himself as a lone wolf, isolating himself away from larger groups. He can become overwhelmed easily, often lashing out in anger and frustration at the slightest bit of pressure or adversity. For a kid he displays an incredibly foul mouth and rude manner in the way he speaks to people.

Damien is naturally competitive, he revels at the opportunity to prove he's better than someone else and this also makes him a sore-loser.

History & BackstoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

  • Damien was born in the slave capital of the Valiant Sphere, Slavers Peak
  • His mother was the last of her tribe and his father was a regular human and her owner.
  • Grew up being rented and leased until the age of 10
  • His father finally decided to sell him at an outrageously low price for a half-breed species within the Valiant Sphere

Fighting PitsEdit

  • He was bought by a travelling group of Desperados who sold the services of Fighting Pits across the Valiant Sphere
  • Though purchased, Damien remained at Slaver's Peak "on the sidelines" until his services were needed
  • When the time came he would be transported to whichever Kingdom the Fighting Pit was held in and made to fight animals as the "freak-show act"
  • Eventually Slaver's Peak fell in a raid by the Legion Association in an infamous incident.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Beast CrownEdit

The Beast Crown refers the bastardization of Damien's sacred horn that was perpetrated by a Sage Desperado who was blacklisted from the Legion Association and turned to slavery. Through a ritual that drained Damien of nearly all his vitality, he was able to make the horn a beacon of natural energy that through death is able to take in the life energy of beasts which he has slain.

  • Animal Instinct: Animal Instinct refers to Damien's passive precognitive ability that manifests itself a result of the natural energy that exists within his Beast Crown. As well as a degree of precognition, it also grants Damien an enhanced sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch.
  • Animal Kingdom Empathy: Damien displays a latent ability to communicate and get along with animals. He can understand what they say and their feelings.


Huntsman refers to Damien's ability to rechannel the natural energy within his Beast Crown through his body, to alter the physical and psychological build of himself.

  • Wolf: Damien's stance switches to all fours, his hair grows fierce and his horn grows sharp. He gains large fangs as his nails grow into pitch black claws.
    • Superhuman speed, reflexes and agility
    • Superhuman sense of smell
  • Gorilla: Damien postures up, moving in quick explosive bursts that make close quarters combat dangerous, he displays large gorilla fans and his shoulders and upper arms bolster up.
    • Superhuman strength
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