The Continental Academy is a subsidiary of the Legion Association whose purpose is to train and teach would be Legions, it's attendants are known as Student Legionnaires.


  • Grand Chancellor: Oversee's education system in general
  • Imperial Chancellor: Runs the academy
  • House Chancellor: Oversees their House in general
  • Instructor Legionnaire: Teaches Legionnaire Studies (similar to home room but with more focus) to an individual class within the academy, they determine whether the students fail or pass. They also teach different classes to students who aren't their own.
    • Golden Tiger
      • Eustass Valiant (Freshman) - Theoretical Combat & Language Studies
      • Danielle Valiant (Senior) - First Aid
      • Matthew Constantine (Senior) - Practical Combat
    • Red Dragon
      • Sterling Reigns (Freshman) - Close Quarters Combat
      • Ragnar Bolton (Senior) - Theoretical Combat & History
      • Aquila Invictus (Senior) - Channeling & Mathematics
    • White Wolf
      • Rey Jimenez (Freshman) - Practical Combat
      • Kamaru Orisa (Senior) - Close Quarters Combat & Language Studies
      • August Rhoades (Senior) - Mathematics & First Aid
    • Black Sheep
      • Dusty (Freshman) - Theoretical Combat & History
      • Keiron Payne (Senior) - Channeling & First Aid
      • Lucia Wilson (Senior) - Close Quarters Combat & Practical Combat


Golden Tiger

Class Valiant

Eustass Valiant
Class Valiant

A class with nearly a century of history, consistently putting out top 10 graduates.
The only class within House Golden Tiger, being able to consistently put itself ahead of the competition with it's world renown Instructor Legionnaire.

Red Dragon

Class Reigns

Sterling Reigns
Class Reigns


White Wolf

Class Jimenez

Brienne Becker
Class Jimenez

Brash and bold, the alpha cub of the Bright Fang Anders Benson, Rey Jimenez takes her first class an official Instructor Legionnaire within the Continental Academy having served as a mercenary of Sentry.

Black Sheep

Class Dustan

Class Dustan

A class with the worst known reputation within the academy. In it's three year existence only one student has been known to graduate. It was seen as a miracle that he was able to graduate within the top 10 let alone as number 1. Its instructor is mysterious.

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