Charles du Fleur V
Charlie du Fleur Main
  • Renegade Chuckie
  • Delinquent Prince
  • The Black Sheep
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  • Charles du Fleur IV (King Father)
  • Raella du Fleur (Queen Mother)
  • Lionel du Fleur (eldest brother)
  • Kristina du Fleur (younger sister/deceased)
  • Ariana du Fleur (youngest sister)

Charles du Fleur, better known as Charlie or Renegade Chuckie, is the delinquent second prince of Yalmara and older sister to Ariana du Fleur. He is one of the members of the infamous Taboo Eleventh of the Continental Academy. The name bestowed upon the top 5 graduate legionnaires that all disappeared within the first year of their graduation.

Charlie was a member of House Black Sheep, part of the reborn Class Dustan tutored by Dusty, he graduated as the #1 student within that infamous generation.


Charlie was described by Dusty as everything a Legionnaire shouldn't be, he was rude, disrespectful, unapologetic and lazy. Even with all his latent genius he still managed to slack off and have to repeat classes all the time. Charlie does not care for his Kingdom, nor does he care for his King Father he'd rather see the Yalamara Lake (something treasured by all the du Fleur siblings) than accidentally end up on the throne. This attitude is what has dubbed him the Renegade and Black Sheep of his family.

He loves his sister very much however and gets along with her very well, he is almost too protective of her.

History and BackstoryEdit

Charlie was always hated by his strict dad for being a mage, he thought his older brother Lionel was stuck up and pretentious and he never got along with his mum, going against everything she did. He would spend his time in the Kingdom of Yalamara doing everything he could to piss off the royal family, flaunting his magic everywhere and even taking tutelage from the Crozier family. The only one he really got along with was Ariana; the two were very close and he spoiled her silly with gifts. Eventually he ran away from home and joined the Continental Academy, his family haven't seen him since.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Mana ManipulationEdit


Charlie is a Dungeon Capturer, someone who has cleared a dungeon and required wealth in magic power and items as a result. He tamed and allied himself the Djinn, Leraje, she is a Strength Djinn, Charlie is capable of using Djinn weapon equip through a metal vessel that takes the form of one of his earrings.

  • Strength Magic: Strength Magic allows Charlie to utilize pure physical force as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their wands or vessels, and manipulate them. He is also able to use spatial influence to twist things, compress them, make them float or fire compressed projectiles of pure magic, users of this Magic are also able to augment their physical strength to use empowered attacks.


He has also tamed Pàraig the djinn of curses and storms. Through subjugation of the djinn, Charlie gained two things, Black Lightning Djinn Slayer Magic and, the ability to use Djinn Requip through a metal vessel that takes the form of an earring.

  • Black Lightning Djinn Slayer Magic: Slayer Magic is a category of Lost Magic. It strengthens the user's body to slay the creature that the magic is named after; in the process using powers similar to the creature in an elemental form, also enabling the user to devour elemental elements. Due to the nature of Paraig, Charlie can utilize Black Lightning as his element and he is capable of consuming all other forms of lightning. Black Lightning is unique in the sense that it is a force of nature that brings about calamity, it is completely destructive so much so that calling forth this type of magic unleashes supernatural destruction within the area by way of natural disasters (namely strong winds that lead to typhoons, hurricanes and tsunamis). It is a "cursed" form of lightning, damage done by the Djinn's lightning enacts a vitality draining curse.


Djinn RequipEdit

Djinn Requip is a unique form of magic that allows Charlie to summon forth the metal vessels in his ears into his hands as weapons capable of using the magic of djinn to their full capacity.

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