Ariana du Fleur
Ariana du Fleur

Princess Ari

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Valiant Sphere




The Valant
Continental Academy


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Black Sheep





Personal Status


  • Charles du Fluer IV (King Father)
  • Raella du Fluer (Queen Mother)
  • Lionel du Fluer (eldest brother)
  • Charles du Fluer V (older brother/missing)
  • Kristina du Fluer (eldest sister/deceased)

Ariana du Fleur is the second princess of the Yalmara Kingdom, a prosperous country within the Valiant Empire ruled by a royal dynasty who's main branch is comprised of Awakened Mages. Unlike her family however, Ariana is an awakened Psychic, the first in her family's history.

She is currently enrolled as a Student Legionnaire within the Continental Academy, being a student within Class Dustan, of House Black Sheep.

History & Backstory

Powers & Abilities


Ariana can read/sense another person's thoughts and communicate with them mentally she has only shown the ability to do through prolonged touch.

  • View Point: By touching another person and emitting psionic waves into them while simultaneously projecting them back onto herself, Ariana can read their thoughts.
  • Talk Point: By touching another person and emitting psionic waves into them while simultaneously projecting them back onto herself, Ariana can mentally communicate with another person.

Mind's Eye

The capacity within Ariana's mind is scary. From a young age she has been able to display tremendous feats when it came to the utilization of her mind's eye. She has demonstrated the capacity to flawlessly remember and recreate images in her head as pictures of a variety of canvases. Ari was also heralded for her creativity, being able to splice the images she stored in her memory and create extravagant concoctions without a moment's notice.

  • Iris Projection: By closing one eye and manipulating psionic energy, Ariana is able to project images out from her mind's eye for a short period of time, it requires a degree of focus to the extent where any slight disturbance will disrupt the shape of the image.

Iris Forge

In a state of extreme concentration, Ariana is able to perform Iris Forging a technique where she is able to introduce a physical element to the images she projects. The things she has been shown to create are not complex in nature due to the degree of focus required. Their durability and ability to uphold is also dependent on her concentrated willpower to maintain them.

  • Bow


By manipulating psionic energy, Ariana can influence matter with her mind. Ariana is capable of re-channeling her psionic energy to grant her telekinetic strength, allowing her to exceed what she'd be capable of otherwise. With this, she has employed enhanced speed, strength and durability.


flow is a unique dance utilized by Ariana which allows her to seamlessly manipulate a telekinetic "bubble" of psionic energy around her. The usage of the dance lies in the elegance of the co-ordination between her limbs and body. By outstretching her arms in a particular motion she has shown the ability to utilize telekinetic shielding within a certain area. A particular movement or rotation performed before a strike, causes that same strike to become engulfed in psionic energy turning it into a devastating blow.

  • Turncoat Palm: A technique of FLOW which is enacted by Ariana pivoting on her standing foot to garner momentum as the psionic bubble of flow forms around her striking arm; with this combination she thrusts her arm forward and performs a devastating open palm strike.
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