Ariana du Fleur
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Princess Ari

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Professional Status

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The Valant
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Black Sheep





Personal Status


  • Charles du Fluer IV (King Father)
  • Raella du Fluer (Queen Mother)
  • Lionel du Fluer (eldest brother)
  • Charles du Fluer V (older brother/missing)
  • Kristina du Fluer (eldest sister/deceased)

Ariana du Fleur is the second princess of the Yalmara Kingdom, a prosperous country within the Valiant Empire ruled by a royal dynasty who's main branch is comprised of Awakened Mages. Unlike her family however, Ariana is an awakened Psychic, the first in her family's history.

She is currently enrolled as a Student Legionnaire within the Continental Academy, being a student within Class Dustan, of House Black Sheep.


As a result of her upbringing Ariana is quite naive and sheltered, she doesn't know much of the world outside Yalmara only knowing what she's read in books and been told by her brothers Charlie and Lionel. Her sense of adventure and intrigue is unrivaled which can lead to decisions that put her in danger. She is very much a stereotypical "girly girl", she greatly cares for her perception as a princess and maintaining a regal front. Ariana is very much one to flaunt her status as a princess to get what she wants and in that regard she is spoilt rotten. Being a Legionnaire means a lot to her and she cares very much for the principals and standards set by the association.

History & Backstory

Familial History

The du Fleur can trace its lineage to the founding leaders of Mystic and key pillar within the Valiant Empire. They share the same ancestor as the high noble family the Boltons of Mystic, which makes them descendants of high nobles; the highest form of nobility within the Valiant Sphere. The diverge is lineage happened when the du Fleur ancestor, who was a Bolton at the time abandoned her position within the family and her country to fend for a small island away from the main continent within the Valiant Sphere.

The Boltons desired a rare supernatural plant found only on the island, hoping to enslave the indigenous population and use their harvesting techniques to reap the maximum benefits of the plant's mystical prowess. Kristina Bolton, waged war on her family taking a contingent of her supporters with her; namely the ancestors to the Crozier family, a mage family capable of rivaling the Boltons in their own right. The campaign to protect the small island was successful, Kristina was named Queen and she named the land Yalmara swearing to the people that as long as her lineage continued she would protect Yalmara from all that would do against it. She took the name du Fleur meaning from flower as a reminder and omen and the legacy of Queen Kristina du Fleur.

Time passed and the du Fleur continued to rule over Yalmara, phasing out as a mage family to instead a powerful family of Sages with the renown Byakugan. A culture developed within the royal family, to detest magic and mages as a whole as a constant middle finger to their distant cousins in mystic. This developed bad tensions an relations between the once close du Fleur and Crozier family and now a family rivalry rooted in jealously and hate exists between the two.

Early Life

Ariana was born as the second princess and youngest of four to King Charles du Fleur IV. Of the three awakened children, she was the second sage and displayed a brilliance with the Byakugan and natural energy manipulation that earned her favoritism from her stoic king father. Her older brother Lionel focused on his future ruling so it was deemed fortunate he did not awaken. Lionel was beloved by all including the Crozier, the people look forward to him becoming king when the time shall come. Much to Lionel's dismay however; he dreamed of being a Legionnaire.

Their exists a black sheep amongst the four children, the turncoat Charlie du Fluer, the second oldest. Charlie was deemed the black sheep by his brash nature and his other worldly proficiency with magic. His father always resented the fact that Charlie did not awaken as a Sage and that a boy would not be able to carry the legacy of Byakugan. Things took a turn for the worst when Charlie disappeared and was declared MIA by the Legionnaire Association.

Ariana's third sibling was her sister Kristina. Kristina died young in an attack on the royal family that wanted to claim their Byakugan. As a result Ariana's mother kept her locked away in the palace under strict protection; this propelled Ariana in her decision to run away from home and become a Legionnaire with hopes of exploring the world and carrying Lionel's dream with her.

Powers & Abilities

Creativity and the Mind's Eye

The capacity within Ariana's mind is scary. From a young age she has been able to display tremendous feats when it came to the utilization of her mind's eye. She has demonstrated the capacity to flawlessly remember and recreate images in her head as pictures of a variety of canvases. Ari was also heralded for her creativity, being able to splice the images she stored in her memory and create extravagant concoctions without a moment's notice.



Ariana possesses the Byakugan one of the 3 major doujutsu of the Sages. The ability to utilize it is limited to a specific bloodline that ran through mystic in the early stages of the awakening. As a result it is widely sought after.

Known as the all-seeing eye, the primary ability of Ariana's Byakugan is the ability to perceive the flow and movement of energy within her field of vision. She is able to identify an energy from a mere glance; determining whether it is spiritual, natural, magical or psionic. Furthermore, her immediate field of vision stretches to 50m and she maintains a nigh-360 degree field of vision.

Natural Energy Manipulation

Ariana is incredibly proficient in the use of natural energy / aura, having been burdened with the responsibility of maintaining the legacy of her family and their techniques. Even without the use of her Byakugan, she has an acute sense for the perception of aura in her environment, this comes as a result of her creative genius. Ariana can visualize what she perceives as the natural flow, that is the state of life and how natural energy weaves through her local environment. Her senses act as receptors to this natural energy and allows her to concoct a abstract image of the surroundings in her mind's eye, permitting her an extraordinary perception that goes beyond the traditional 5 senses.

This passive perception of aura and the natural flow is not the limit to which Ariana is capable of utilizing her awakening. Perhaps due to the level of understanding her bloodline as a du Fleur has bestowed upon her, she proves herself very capable of channeling the aura within her body; capable of expelling it from multiple different points in her body. A manner in which she has used this is by projecting concentrated blasts of natural energy from the soles of her feet to propel herself across short distances (Body Flicker).

Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist is a form of hand-to-hand combat used by the du Fleur. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the flow of energy within a person's body. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own natural energy into the opponent's pathway system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage to internal organs being able to cripple individuals by damaging organs and nerves, hence the name "gentle" fist.

Using gentle fist in conjunction with her Byakugan, Ariana is capable of pin pointing and attacking vital areas within her opponent's body that allow her to shut down and disrupt the way energy is cycled about within them. She can see the weak points within energy based objects and use use the Gentle Fist to make them useless.

  • Gentle Fist: Butterfly Effect: Is a variation of Gentle Fist utilized by Ariana that see's her violently expel natural energy from particular points on her body, it "activates" the body in various ways, enhancing her speed, reflexes, strength, stamina and durability. In essence a veil is created around her that adds a nature of destructiveness to her movements and attacks, a slight tap from her gentle fist reeks havoc, strikes that seemingly or would normally miss will actually make contact with the target. When targeting points within the users body her use of natural energy injection make for greater internal damage, while the aura swarming from her body acts as a shield against physical strikes. Ariana can only maintain this form for a short period of time.
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